New Boeing whistleblower warns of ‘potentially devastating consequences’ of plane flaws

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Another day, another Boeing whistleblower.

Richard Cuevas, described by his lawyers as an experienced mechanic and a 40-year veteran of the aircraft industry, worked for Strom, a contractor for Spirit, Boeing’s main parts supplier. Cuevas claims that during his tenure at the company, he found “critical drilling and sealing issues” on some of the 787 Dreamliner planes he worked on. Specifically, what is known as fixing holes Holes in the plane’s forward pressure bulkhead, like those that allow parts of an airplane to fit together, were not drilled to proper specifications, he said, and were slightly larger than expected. Those problems could have potentially led to “devastating consequences,” he said, including “compromising power and air pressure on the airplanes.”

Shortly after filing a complaint with the FAA’s ethics department and discussing safety concerns with his superiors, Cuevas found himself out of a job. Cuevas and his attorneys have now filed complaints with the FAA, as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), urging the government to launch an investigation into the Dreamliner’s forward pressure bulkheads and claiming that Cuevas suffered “unlawful retaliation.”

“Our customer witnessed critical issues with the forward pressure bulkhead assembly on several aircraft that deviated from Boeing specifications,” Cuevas said. Lawyers“He acknowledged that the work was substandard and expressed safety concerns, but Spirit and Boeing failed to stop the faulty manufacturing processes. Mr. Cuevas was fired when his manager discovered that an employee had complained about the problems.”

Gizmodo has contacted Boeing for comment on this story and will update if the company responds.

“A contractor employee previously raised concerns with us that we investigated thoroughly because we take any safety-related matters seriously” Boeing told CNN“Technical analysis determined that the issues raised did not present a safety concern and were addressed.”

Boeing has since come under increasing scrutiny. a bad flight in january in which one of its planes lost part of its hull. Since then, the company has faced a whirlwind of bad press and multiple federal investigations. Department of Justice lawyers recently stated that The company’s security concerns represent an expiration of a 2021 deferred prosecution agreement related to the 737 Max crasheswhich could expose the company to criminal prosecution. Earlier this week, Reuters reported that U.S. prosecutors had recommended to senior Justice Department officials that criminal charges be brought against Boeing.

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