Netflix’s ‘Ripley’ Pushed Andrew Scott into a Moment of “Blind Fear”: “I Didn’t Love Being in the Speedos”

Netflix’s stunning new black-and-white thriller Ripley reinforces the darkness and paranoia of Patricia Highsmith’s original novel, The Talented Mr. Ripley, but it also underlines something else. In other words, approximately thirty-five minutes after the start Ripley Episode 1 “AI Hard Man to Find”, Tom Ripley (Andrew Scott) emerges from an Atrani dressing room wearing nothing but a tiny speedo. Even though speedos are nothing scandalous to our modern sensibilities, Tom is surprised by his thinking – and Ripley creator, writer and director Steven Zaillian uses the camera to show us exactly why. Basically, Ripley Episode 1 establishes that crook Tom Ripley has arrived in Europe with his luggage, and we’re not talking about a gun.

Andrew Scott’s appearance in a vintage speedo on Netflix Ripley Episode 1 is going to get the internet (and the water cooler) chattering.

Ripley is the latest live-action adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 masterpiece, The Talented Mr. Ripley. The series follows a lowly New York-based con artist, Ripley, who is hired by a wealthy shipbuilder (Kenneth Lonergan) to travel to Italy to convince his wayward son, Dickie Greenleaf (Johnny Flynn), to return home. Herbert Greenleaf mistakenly believes that Tom Ripley is a friend of his son. Ripley, increasingly worried that the FBI is following him for mail fraud, jumps at the chance for a paid trip to Italy via a luxury liner and the real Orient Express.

When Tom Ripley finally arrives in Atrani, Italy, he learns that Dickie and his girlfriend Marge (Dakota Fanning) have left their luxurious villa to spend the day swimming. Ripley immediately knows that he must play the role of a wealthy American tourist at his leisure, but how? Tom buys a swimsuit at a local store, only to be confronted with the reality that his only options are tight swimsuits.

Andrew Scott in speedo in
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“Oh, wow,” Tom says when he sees himself. Andrew Scott was even less thrilled with the costume choice. Decider asked the Ripley star what went through his mind when he put them on, and the Irish actor simply replied: “Blind fear.”

“I didn’t like wearing Speedos,” Scott said. “But anyway, the public will just have to understand that all the horror is going to end quite quickly. So don’t do it, don’t worry too much.

Dakota Fanning confirmed to Decider that she was “vulnerable” to her co-star.

“Yeah, he was in the Speedo,” Fanning said. “I mean, from a character perspective, it’s amazing. Just because it says so much with so little, you know? Like the size of the Speedo. But for the character, I love to love him.

“For Andrew, I was trying not to, you know, we weren’t attracting attention. We were just moving forward because he’s vulnerable. It’s vulnerable. You’re on a big beach and, you know, we were all vulnerable in our swimsuits.

Although it appears that Dickie and Marge are much more covered up when Tom meets them, much to her horror, Fanning said that she and Johnny Flynn also wore swimsuits on set.

“Look, we were all in swimsuits. Even I don’t wake up in the morning and need to be filmed in a swimsuit. You know what I mean? It’s not like on my list of highest wants and needs. But you know, we were all doing that,” she said.

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