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Nepal bans ‘Everest, MDH Masala’ brand, begins testing for ethylene oxide: report

Nepal’s Department of Food Technology and Quality Control has banned the import, consumption and sale of two Indian spice brands Everest and MDH as it begins testing ethylene oxide levels, ANI reported.

Nepal has banned these two brands of spices after reports of high levels of trace amounts of ethylene oxide in the products.

“Everest and MDH brand spices which are imported into Nepal have been banned from import. This follows news of traces of harmful chemicals in the spices, the import ban was imposed a week earlier and we have also banned their sale in Nepal market,” Mohan Krishna Maharjan, spokesperson for Nepal’s Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, told ANI over the phone.

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“Testing is underway to detect chemicals in the spices of these two particular brands. The ban will remain in effect until the final report is released. Hong Kong and Singapore have already banned it, this move follows their decision,” Maharjan added in a statement. telephone conversation with ANI.

Indian government sources told ANI that the use of EtO is permitted in different countries starting from 0.73% up to 7%.

Government sources said a standard should be developed for the use of EtO by different countries. Moreover, spices banned in these countries account for less than 1 percent of India’s total spice exports, ANI reported.

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