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NBA fans predict the same thing as LeBron James’ Lakers face Nikola Jokic and Nuggets in first round of playoffs as bitter rivalry resumes

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA playoffs.

Now the hard part begins.


Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets won it all last year after sweeping the LakersCredit: Getty

LeBron James and Anthony Davis held off the New Orleans Pelicans 110-106 in a play-in game, thanks in part to a devastating injury to Zion Williamson.

The Lakers’ reward for evolving?

A Western Conference first-round rematch with the Denver Nuggets, who coldly swept the Lakers out of the conference finals a year ago, en route to an NBA championship.

Davis and the Lakers clearly heard the Nuggets’ chests swell after a 4-0 playoff sweep last season.

“It was just a lot of talking,” Davis said. “We get it, you all win. But Bron and I have had a few conversations – we can’t wait.”

Davis may soon regret those comments if the Nuggets are first again at four wins.

NBA fans already believe a repeat will happen in the first round.

“The nuggets win,” tweeted one fan.

Anthony Davis watches the two-time NBA MVP and recent Finals winner


Anthony Davis watches the two-time NBA MVP and recent Finals winnerCredit: Getty Images-Getty

“These boys are getting swept,” a second fan posted.

“Bro does all this, but he can’t keep Jokic under 25 points,” a third fan wrote.

LeBron James does his best Patrick Mahomes impersonation with a full-court touchdown pass to Anthony Davis during Los Angeles Lakers game

“Nuggets out of five,” said a fourth fan.

Los Angeles went 47-35 this season and rarely played consistently.

James, 39, could be in his final NBA season, while Davis was at the center of midseason trade rumors.

Denver has been a powerhouse all year and Jokic should win his third NBA MVP award.

The Lakers have a lot to prove in the first round.

The Nuggets are trying to fight back-to-backs, and Los Angeles could be easily eliminated.

“The Joker is going to cook these clowns,” one fan tweeted.

“They’re rushing to cook, they need to relax,” posted a second fan.

The Nuggets will be favored and hold home-court advantage.

The King will need to pull off one of the biggest playoff upsets of his storied career to stay alive in the 2024 playoffs.


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