NBA Draft 2024: Live updates, picks, ratings, time, channel as Atlanta takes Zaccharie Risacher with top pick

While a French star appears at the top of many draft boards, the similarities between the 2024 NBA Draft and the 2023 edition end there. Victor Wembanyama, as Rick Pitino once said, will not walk through that door for the Atlanta Hawks this season, as the club has the first overall pick for the first time since 1975. They then selected the Hall of Famer from David Thompson fame, but he didn’t do it. I didn’t pick them, choosing instead to sign with the Denver Nuggets of the ABA.

This year, there is no question about which league the top players will choose, but it is also unclear how the top picks will shake out. International prospects Zaccharie Risacher (France) and Alex Sarr (France), along with college players Reed Sheppard (Kentucky) and Stephon Castle (UConn), are among the top players in a draft that has no doubt about the No. 1 prospect.

The question of where Bronny James will be picked, if at all, also looms over the draft. You may have heard of his famous father, who has said over the years that he would like to play with his son before he retires. Recently, LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul, said that LeBron and Bronny are not a package deal.

For the first time, the NBA Draft will span two days, with the first round Wednesday evening and the second round on Thursday, June 27 at 4 p.m. ET.

Round 1

2nd round

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Live19 updates

  • Spurs take Rob Dillingham and send him to Minnesota in quick trade

    Yahoo Sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: B

    • Pre-draft rankings: 13

    • School: Kentucky

    • Height: 6′ 3″

    • Weight: 176

    Dillingham is one of the best guards with the ball in his hands and can get down and put pressure on the rim. There’s no doubt he’ll be an electric duo alongside Wembanyama, but his size at 6-foot-2, 164 pounds is a bit concerning for an NBA point guard.

  • Storylines to continue watching throughout the 2024 NBA Draft

  • Donovan Clingan is second UConn Husky to leave lottery field

    Donovan Clingan, a two-time national champion and star big man at UConn, is headed to Portland and could form a formidable front line with 2018 No. 1 pick Deandre Ayton with the Blazers.

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: A

    • Pre-draft rankings: 5

    • School: Connecticut

    • Height: 7′ 2″

    • Weight: 265

    Clingan has all the tools to be a long-term starting center in the NBA and moves well for his size at 7-foot-2. He is more than a great rim runner and can throw many different options in the pick-and-roll, whether it’s sliding, rolling to the basket, pinning his man or going out for a jumper.

  • Tidjane Salaün joins Charlotte at No. 6, as the 3rd offside French player

    Yahoo Sports Commentary

    • Preliminary note: B+

    • Pre-draft rankings: 7

    • School: France

    • Height: 6′ 9″

    • Weight: 212

    Salaun has solid size at the wing position at 6-foot-9 and has really become more than just a catch-and-shoot threat along the perimeter. He worked last season to add muscle to his body and his physicality in the lane improved while playing for Cholet in the LNB Pro A league.

  • Pistons take Ron Holland II from G League Ignite

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: B

    • Rank before the draft: ten

    • School: The G League is on fire

    • Height: 6′ 8″

    • Weight: 203

    Holland averaged 19.5 points and 6.7 rebounds in the G League this season for the Ignite. While he can be turnover-prone at times, his 6-foot-8 size and brilliance off the dribble and in transition still give him room to grow in the NBA at just 18 years old. His movement off the ball needs some work and he sometimes clogs the lane with his attempts to get to the rim.

  • Spurs add Stephon Castle to Victor Wembanyama and young core

    The Big East freshman led conference freshmen in scoring and assists to help UConn win a second straight national title.

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: A

    • Pre-draft rankings: 3

    • School: Connecticut

    • Height: 6′ 6″

    • Weight: 215

    Castle was one of the best defensive guards in college hoops during his first year at UConn and showed off a much-improved 3-point shot during the pre-draft process. He has potential as an elite two-way player in the NBA and can help anchor the defense alongside Victor Wembanyama.

  • Rockets find backcourt with Kentucky sharpshooter Reed Sheppard

    Sheppard brings elite (blue) college bloodlines to Houston after playing at Kentucky following in the footsteps of his father Jeff Sheppard, the 1998 NCAA Tournament MVP, on the Wildcats’ path to a national title that year.

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: A

    • Pre-draft rankings: 4

    • School: Kentucky

    • Height: 6′ 3″

    • Weight: 187

    Sheppard shot over 52% from 3-point range on 3.5 attempts per game and will be more of a combo guard at the NBA level. He’s a bit undersized at 6-foot-2, but has a high IQ and solid floor when it comes to a skilled young guard coming into the NBA.

  • France goes 1-2 as Alex Sarr goes to Washington with No. 2 pick

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: A

    • Rankings before the draft: 2

    • School: France

    • Height: 7’0″

    • Weight: 224

    This was Sarr’s favorite landing spot and he can come in right away and add some relief defensively with the way he protects the rim. Offensively, he has a smooth jumper in the pick-and-pop with the potential to get past the 3-point line.

  • Risacher heads to Atlanta as 4th No. 1 international pick in 21st century

    The Atlanta Hawks are looking overseas to help them get back into playoff contention, with a star backcourt, featuring Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

    Yahoo sports commentary

    • Preliminary note: A

    • Rankings before the draft: 1

    • School: France

    • Height: 6’10”

    • Weight: 210

    The combination of Risacher’s size and defensive versatility on the wing makes him a player who can step into any situation and contribute immediately. He’s more than just a catch-and-shoot threat and has shown progress as a facilitator when his shot isn’t falling.

  • Bronny James may be the biggest name in the draft, but where will he be picked?

  • NBA Draft 2024: Live updates, picks, ratings, time, channel as Atlanta takes Zaccharie Risacher with top pick

    Zaccharie Risacher, the projected No. 1 pick, lives in the moment

    Victor Wembanyama’s name was still on everyone’s lips during Tuesday’s NBA Draft, even though he is no longer the star of that show. That’s life when Wednesday’s first round of the draft lacks pizzazz and recognizable names.

    But this is also the case when the players vying for first pick – Alexandre Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher – are also from France, thus following in Wembanyama’s footsteps.

    Sarr repeatedly declined invitations to practice for the Atlanta Hawks, which were confirmed by Hawks general manager Landry Fields on the radio earlier in the day.

    Rest Risacher. But in drafts where there is no clear top pick, anything can happen.

    Risacher has long been on the professional radar. He and Sarr are going back, playing against each other when they were in their early teens, but Risacher has taken a jump from last year. He’s a 6-foot-9 forward who transformed into a lockdown shooter after apparently struggling at the Nike Hoop Summit a year ago.

    Read the full story here.

  • First look at NBA Draft looks

  • How is the draft ordinance reflected in our latest simulation?

    Check out the full simulation project here.

  • Knicks player OG Anunoby to return on five-year, $212.5 million contract: report

    The New York Knicks are having a very good week.

    Knicks star OG Anunoby intends to re-sign with the team on a five-year, $212.5 million deal, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

    Anunoby reached unrestricted free agency by declining the player option for the final season of the four-year, $72 million contract he signed with the Raptors in December 2020. Three years after signing that deal – a period that saw Anunoby average 16.6 points and 5.3 rebounds. per game, shooting 38.2% from 3-point range and becoming one of the most versatile defensive stoppers in the league – Toronto traded him to the Knicks in exchange for forward RJ Barrett and guard Immanuel Quickley.

    Full story here.

  • Wizards acquire 14th overall pick

  • Big pre-draft trade sends Mikal Bridges across town

    The New York Knicks have acquired Mikal Bridges from the crosstown and division rivals Brooklyn Nets. The Knicks are sending five unprotected picks to the Nets for Bridges (2025, 2027, 2029, 2031) in addition to a protected pick that New York had acquired from Milwaukee, in addition to several second-round picks and pick swaps.

    Bridges, acquired by Brooklyn in the trade that sent Kevin Durant to Phoenix, just completed his 6th NBA season in which he averaged 19.6 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game at 43.6% from the floor and 37.2% from 3 points.

  • The 2024 NBA Draft is here

    All 30 NBA teams will look to the future over the next two days of the 2024 NBA Draft, which will be very different from previous years because in addition to not having a No. 1 pick, the draft has also been split over two nights. Teams will have five minutes to make their first-round selections and four minutes per pick in the second round. This is a change from the two minutes of previous years.

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