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NBA bettor cashes in $1.7 million Thunder parlay for $80,000

Wayne Shelton is a single dad who just became $80,960.17 richer after an impressive $100 bet was cashed out by the punter.

The three-legged parlay, placed on DraftKings Sportsbook, had winning legs of the Texas Rangers to win the World Series (22/1) and the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl (+600), but it all came down to the Oklahoma City Thunder – the top seed in the Western Conference – winning the NBA Finals (70/1).

The $100 bet would have won slightly north of $1.7 million if it had succeeded and the Thunder had gotten lucky en route to an NBA Finals victory.

"Quite an adventure, gotta go to a playoff game in OKC," Shelton said in a video he posted on X on Tuesday. “And it’s quite an up and down here with the pullback, it started at $11,000, went up to $100,000, came back down to $30,000 and right now we’re at $80,000.

“I said last night (Monday) that if (Thunder) wins this game and they offer at least $80,000, I’m leaving. Well they are offering $80,000 and I don’t think I can handle more, I want to continue but I’m a single dad and the money would be wonderful.

The total parlay odds should have been 11,430/1, but thanks to a well-placed 50% boost, the bet was instead valued at 17,145/1.

The Rangers and Chiefs did their part to win their respective titles and the Thunder grabbed the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference to gain home-court advantage, but they find themselves in a series of semifinals 2-2 against the Mavericks before Wednesday’s critical game. 5.

Oklahoma City is now favored to beat the Mavericks, but only slightly.
Oklahoma City is now favored to beat the Mavericks, but only slightly. NBAE via Getty Images

Rather than risk going home with $0, Shelton cashed in with the Thunder just six wins away from a spot in the NBA Finals.

Could he have gotten more? Almost definitely.

Cashouts are never the best value when considering a futures bet that you want to get out of.

Instead, savvy bettors turn to secondary markets, like a Prop Swap or Wager Wire, to get more money when selling bets.

Wayne Shelton cashed in on his bet.
Wayne Shelton cashed in on his bet. X, @Br_betting

Secondary market PropSwap told the Post they received several six-figure offers for the bet, but they were unable to contact Shelton.

The true value, according to Wager Wire, was $190,500, if they could find a buyer.

Bet on the NBA?

Still, for a single dad, collecting five high fives on a bet of just $100 is definitely a feel-good story.

But for future punters in a similar location, keep your direct messages open on social media; This could earn you some extra money in a situation like this.

New York Post

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