Naked photos sent in WhatsApp ‘phishing’ attacks on UK MPs and staff – POLITICO

The person sending messages from one of the numbers alternately refers to themselves as a man called Charlie – when contacting two homosexual men – or as a woman when contacting two heterosexual men. To one of these heterosexual men, the sender said his name was short for “Charlotte.” The sender’s profile picture showed a man and a woman together, making both identities plausible.

‘We haven’t seen each other for a long time! Still single?’

In the most extreme case POLITICO has seen, a Labor Party staffer was contacted by “Charlotte.” The sender insisted they had met at a party conference, telling him: “Long time no talk!” How are you doing? Still single?”

“Charlotte” said they discussed the man’s past work with a union and that he convinced her to join a union as well. The man was initially convinced that this interaction did not occur, but later concluded that it was plausible.

The conversation quickly turned sexual after “Charlotte” sent several explicit images, to which the man reciprocated. He asked her if she wanted to meet and she said she was busy playing netball. “If you’re lucky I’ll slip you a photo of me in my gym shorts x,” she added.

When the man became suspicious of her identity, he repeatedly tried to call her phone number, but she did not pick up. He then asked her for her Instagram account, which she did not provide.

Despite this, they continued to talk and the recipient – ​​at this point suspicious – invited “Charlotte” to meet at a pub. She accepted, but did not show up.


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