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“My only game was sucking people off power” – CBS Boston


(CBS) – The monster that is Survivor 41 claimed another victim last night as Jairus “JD” Robinson was sent home after another blind tribal council.

CBS’s Matt Weiss spoke with JD about his time on the island, his reward, and his sudden blindness to the Tribal Council.

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MW- JD, nice to talk to you today man, hope everything is fine. We’re going to get into everything that happened during your time in the game, but before that, as a fan of Survivor, take me back to that moment when you first set foot on the island.

JR- Yeah, so as soon as I hit the big boat, your heart is racing. It’s so real and I’m like “Oh my God, this is what I dreamed of”. As Adam said, that’s what dreams are made of. I stand here and then I can touch the sand and see the flag of our tribe, everything was so cool. I was so happy to be there.

MW- It’s awesome. Now once the game starts your tribe will start to be selected one by one. There’s always a healthy dose of paranoia you need to play Survivor but as you see more and more of your tribe leaving whatever goes through your mind?

JR- Well I saw most of my tribe leave but I was also a target that could have gone home. So that way it was really scary. Like yes, my tribe got fired, but all these people got fired were voting for me to go home. It was terrifying, you know.

MW- So how has this changed the way you play the game?

JR- I saw that we were losing and that people were going home. I knew I wanted to turn the game around but I was at the bottom of the whole tribe ladder with Shan and Ricard. There were so many times that I wanted to turn the game around. I wanted to work with Brad and Genie and I wanted to vote against Ricard.

But Brad wanted to reject me for some reason, even though I saved him at the tribal council. They wanted to work with the people who want to vote against Brad and to this day I don’t understand that. I wanted to put myself in a position of power. The problem was, I didn’t have anyone who wanted to do it with me.

My only game was to suck the people in power and try to get along with them to take me with them. This is why I gave my additional vote to Shan and not to Ricard. That’s why I won Shan my extra vote again because I’m trying to find a place. There were no other options, I only had two votes and so, yes, I really couldn’t do anything else.

MW- It seemed like the tension was really building up for Ua, but when you were all rewarded it seemed like things were starting to relax a bit. I know the game ended faster than you would have liked, but you had a reward and at least that experience. How was it ?

JR- The reward was awesome, scream at Nathan that he was my brother! He taught me so much there. There are so many different types of coconuts and he tries to teach me some climbing techniques. I always climbed trees trying to get coconuts.

He’s an incredible man, like the guy is not human. He swims like a fish, he climbs like a spider, he could just crack a coconut in half like nothing had happened. It’s awesome.

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MW- The reward challenge went well for you, not the immunity. What went wrong for Ua?

JR- You know, I think a lot of people will blame me for not winning this immunity challenge, but I was the only one who won it! I don’t know why they didn’t show we traded but traded other people. Maybe the only thing I would change would be to say money and earn it. It’s the only thing I would change.

MW- I feel bad talking about this, but was there extra salt in the wound after knowing Deshawn and Danny were trying to lose?

JR- It hurts so much. I was like I had landed two rings, like it wasn’t that bad, right? Then it’s like the dude is tying the knots and Ua and Yase aren’t even close to being done. They were throwing the challenge and we weren’t even close. It shows how much of a beast Naseer is. He was basically going against Deshawn and Danny and won anyway.

MW- Now at the tribal council you have obviously been caught off guard. Like you said, you were trying to build trust with Shan so that you would have your extra vote. Explain to me everything that happened there.

JR- As the tribal council unfolded, I couldn’t bring it to life and try to move because I didn’t have my extra vote. It was a mistake I had made before and I was like, dang. So the best thing I can do at the tribal council is show them that Genie is not with them and that I am in case they haven’t made up their minds.

That’s why I’m told that Genie doesn’t play your shot in the dark and then I wink at Ricard and Shan to say I’m with you guys, she isn’t, she isn’t you not even believe right now. This is what I was trying to do at tribal and it didn’t work but I went there, I had a bad job.

MW- That’s what Survivor is all about taking your shot. While it didn’t work for you this time, would you take another hit on the road at Survivor?

JR- 110,000,000%, I would do anything to get back there. The most important thing for me coming back there is that before the game a lot of people really liked me. People were saying how this guy made Toastmasters and he’s athletic and he talks to all these different people and he works with kids; everyone thought I would do well.

I feel like I haven’t shown what kind of player I can really be. So I would love to go back and just want to prove to them that it’s in me. I promise it’s in me to be this great surviving player. I couldn’t perform, I fumbled a lot but now I know a bit more about the game and how it is really played. This is my biggest thing that I want to return so badly.

MW- Hope we see you with that second chance, but for now, kudos for being on the show at least and thanks for the time today JD!

JR- Thanks dude!

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