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My favorite gadget of 2023 takes Dyson vacuums to a new level

When it comes to Dyson vacuum cleaners, it’s no surprise to see innovation — that’s why its name appears in our list of best vacuum cleaners. From LCD screens to lasers to detect hidden dust – to weird air-purifying headphones – the company always seems to be trying something new. I’ve been testing vacuum cleaners for several years now, so I’ve been around the block to say the least, but Dyson always seems to surprise me, and its latest introduction is no exception.

The Dyson Submarine attachment transforms the V15s Detect from a vacuum cleaner into a wet mop. And all you have to do is change the ground heads to do this. Such versatility brings new levels of convenience to this device and makes a task that most of us put off until later, that much easier to accomplish. I actually don’t usually ask for appliances for Christmas, but the Dyson Submarine makes a difference. Here’s why.

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