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MW3 players call aim swing and reticle ‘disgusting’

Brianna Reeves

Call of Duty: MW3 players want developers to remove “absolutely disgusting” aim swing and crosshair movement features.

It’s no secret that every weapon in Modern Warfare 3 comes with stats that directly impact aim, accuracy, and more. Various attachments allow players to fine-tune these stats as they wish as they progress, but some aspects of the experience cannot be adjusted.

The problem is that many feel that Call of Duty’s latest entry goes out of its way to make aiming overall unpleasant. Content creator TrueGameData recently uploaded a video explaining why.

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According to the YouTuber, the responsible parts include the aim movement reticle change, the aim swing starting point, and the strafing reticle change, with the latter apparently being the “main” problem. Players more attentive to these issues are demanding change.

MW3 wants developers to get rid of ‘disgusting’ aim swing feature

After watching TrueGameData’s video, a Modern Warfare 3 user expressed their frustrations in a lengthy post on Reddit. Noting that they were “absolutely disgusted” by the YouTuber’s findings, the Redditor added that MW2 had “extreme visual recoil, which is now toned down, but now we have extreme aim swing and camera movement.”

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The player feels particularly harmed by aiming penalties when strafing, as he enjoys strafing and shooting but rarely hits his shots. “This isn’t CS:GO, we don’t want aim penalties when strafing and we certainly don’t want extreme aim swing when aiming,” they continued.

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Unsurprisingly, many of their fellow Redditors agree with this sentiment. One person responding to the post called out the ridiculousness of the crosshair movement. They wrote: “Yes, the reticle moving when I look left and right is ridiculous. I don’t know how this got into the game, but it’s a joke.

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On the subject of aim swing, another MW3 player said: “I often max swing stats because knockback is better than RNG. »

Interestingly, someone else further down the thread argued that attachments are the reason these features exist. “They’re adding things like this into the game so they can also create attachments that counter that and call it new content.”

Another user added to the chorus by lamenting that even the new pistol cock animation regularly causes them to disappear in Hardcore mode. The original poster replied: “This also gets me killed in the main expedition.” It’s incredibly boring.

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As of now, it’s unclear if the developers plan to address these complaints in future MW3 updates.

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