MTA made more from NYC Marathon than it lost in bridge tolls

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority actually made money on the New York City Marathon last year thanks to an increase in subway ridership on race day, according to agency statistics — even as the agency demands $750,000 from riders due to loss of bridge tolls.

About 2.3 million people tapped or swiped MetroCards on Marathon Sunday, 365,000 more runners than on the average Sunday between September and November 2023, generating about $1.1 million in new revenue at $2.90 per trip.

The subway system’s revenue ridership increased by 365,000 revenue riders during the November marathon, according to MTA statistics. Christophe Sadowski

That means the MTA made more than $300,000 from the marathon, even after factoring in tolls the agency said it lost following the Verrazzano Bridge closure.

MTA President Janno Lieber even touted increased subway ridership thanks to the 2023 marathon in a statement released at the time.

General view as runners cross the Verrazzano Bridge during the marathon
Runners pass through the Verrazzano, one of the highlights of the annual New York City Marathon. REUTERS

“There’s nothing like Marathon Sunday to show that New York’s comeback is alive and well,” Lieber said in the release.

“I took the subway five times to watch my daughter run and felt the energy and excitement at every stop.”

The agency was not immediately able to respond to a request for comment.

New York Post

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