MSI AMD X870 motherboards leaked – reveals new “EZ-DIY” features

MSI AMD X870 motherboards leaked – reveals new “EZ-DIY” features

AMD is preparing for its Computex 2024 opening speech, and the leakers have already started revealing some of their talking points. Thanks to @momomo_us on Twitter/X, we got a look at two AMD X870 motherboards from MSI.

These two motherboard designs are a clear indication that AMD will be talking about next-generation processors during its keynote. It also seems likely that AMD will talk about its upcoming X870 motherboard chipset. This new generation of motherboards appears to use AMD’s AM5 motherboard socket, with MSI adding some of its “ZY-DIY” features to the mix.

A nice addition to these MSI motherboards is an “EZ PCIe release” button, clearly visible on the X870 Tomahawk. The motherboard also features a screwless “M.2 Shield Frozr” mechanism and an “EZ Antenna” connection for WIFI antennas. These features make the PC building and upgrading process easier.

Unfortunately, this leak doesn’t reveal anything specific about AMD’s next-generation processors. While this confirms that these new processors will use the AM5 socket, it is unclear what platform upgrades the X870 will offer over the current X670.

You can join the discussion at MSI X870 motherboard leaks on OC3D forums.

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