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Mountain goat stuck under Kansas City bridge survives difficult rescue

KANSAS CITY, MO — A mountain goat that escaped from its owner and became trapped under a Kansas City bridge has survived a difficult rescue effort.

Firefighters were called Monday after people spotted the animal hopping on the pillars that support the bridge, high above the ground, the Kansas City Star reports.

Hoping to hand it over to waiting rescuers, a passerby managed to put a rope around the goat’s neck, said Tori Fugate, of the KC Pet Project, a nonprofit that runs animal control for the city and manages shelters.

But Fugate said the goat ended up hanging from his neck, motionless, leaving rescuers worried it might die.

“I don’t know why they were even trying to gain an advantage in the first place,” Fugate said. “I think maybe they thought if I led them I could take it up, but that’s not at all how they would usually handle a situation like that.”

When the goat began to lash out, rescuers cut the rope and a veterinarian sedated her so she could be taken to a shelter for treatment.

The mountain goat had recently been adopted and had run away nearby. After receiving an X-ray, it appeared the goat did not suffer any fractures, she said.

“Although he is not out of the woods yet, he appears to be stable and we are cautiously optimistic that he will recover,” Fugate said.

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