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The Russian Embassy in the United States criticizes the lack of condemnation from Washington after the point-blank execution of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Moscow denounces the “insensitive attitude” of American policy which “supports murderers”.

Despite verification by the New York Times of the authenticity of the videos showing the point-blank execution of Russian soldiers, Washington refuses to condemn what Moscow calls a war crime. A lack of reaction which provokes the ire of Moscow.

In a message on Telegram on November 22, the Russian Embassy in the United States criticized “the goodwill ambassador for international criminal justice, Beth van Schaack” for not having condemned “directly the massacre of […] soldiers [russes] disarmed” and this while “American journalists” authenticated video sequences of the summary execution. About the American magazine, the embassy notes that it did not “smother the tragedy”.

“The kyiv regime has not yet been punished for its crimes”

The Russian Embassy of the United States criticizes the argument used by Beth van Schaack. “The diplomat cynically referred to the fact that the Russian army’s ‘war crimes’ occur ‘much more often’ than those of the Ukrainian armed forces”, reproaches the press release, adding that the United States fails “to provide the slightest evidence of violent acts allegedly committed by [les] military [russes]”.

According to the Russian embassy, ​​the execution carried out in Makeevka, in the People’s Republic of Donetsk, constitutes “a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war of 1949”. In addition, “Ukrainian prisoners of war are detained in full respect of the provisions of international humanitarian law”, she insists.

“The kyiv regime has not yet been punished for its crimes,” she insists, highlighting the fact that the United States and the West “don’t even criticize the Ukrainian authorities.” “Here, everything is very quickly ‘forgotten’” summarizes the Russian Embassy.

Moreover, it lists crimes which have not been unanimously condemned by Western chancelleries. “What can be said about such crude examples as the murder of Daria Dugina, the attacks on the Yenovka detention center and the Kramatorsk railway station, the shelling of residential areas in Donetsk, the tragedy at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa on 2 May 2014?”

“The United States allows laxity and impunity for neo-Nazis in Ukraine”

“We will never forget the horrific murder of unarmed soldiers who were forced to lie down on the ground by neo-Nazis, then shot without mercy” promises the Russian Embassy. “How can the administration explain its insensitive attitude to the deaths of simple warriors to their mothers, wives and children? Where is the proverbial idea of ​​“human rights first” of which Washington is so proud?”, can we still read in the press release which denounces the policy of “double standards” of the West.

“Isn’t it clear that the US is allowing laxity and impunity for neo-Nazis in Ukraine by covering up the Ukrainian bandit frenzy?” wonders the embassy, ​​which recalls that Washington provides kyiv with weapons, training and information. “[Par l’absence de condamnation,] Washington supports murderers who deserve neither forgiveness nor justification,” the embassy concludes.

For Washington, there are massacres that cannot be condemned

Indeed, the United States Goodwill Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice said Nov. 21 that the United States was monitoring allegations that Ukrainian forces summarily executed Russian soldiers. “We are obviously following this case very closely,” said Beth Van Schaack during a telephone press briefing.

“It’s really important to emphasize that the laws of war apply to all parties equally: both the aggressor state and the defending state, equally,” he said. she declared, adding that “all parties to the conflict [devaient] comply with international law or bear the consequences”.

However, Beth Van Schaack said the scale of criminality shown by Russian forces was “enormous” compared to allegations targeting Ukrainian troops, and noted that the two sides react differently when allegations of atrocities surface.

“Russia inevitably responds with propaganda, denial, disinformation, while Ukrainian authorities have generally acknowledged the abuses, denounced them and are committed to investigating them,” added the diplomat.

Videos showing unarmed Russian soldiers – prisoners of war according to Moscow – being executed at point-blank range by Ukrainian forces have recently appeared on social media. Moscow sees this as proof of kyiv’s violation of the conventions of war. kyiv, for its part, has not denied the execution but claims that the group of soldiers feigned surrender in order to attack Ukrainian forces, which in itself would constitute a war crime.

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