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More snow could mean muddy roads in the St. Louis area tonight

ST. LOUIS — More snow is coming and it could lead to slush on area roads by Thursday morning.

Warmer temperatures kept snow from accumulating on area roads Wednesday, despite snow falling throughout the day.

But a half-inch to 1.5 inches could accumulate on grassy and elevated surfaces throughout the evening as temperatures drop, the National Weather Service in St. Louis said.

This band of deeper snow could even cause a buildup of slush on small local roads, meteorologist Matt Beitscher said.

“We expect to see at least some minor accumulations overnight and early morning tomorrow,” Beitscher said. “Regardless, people should take it easy and give themselves a little more time just because snow can cause visibility issues.”

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Jersey and Calhoun counties in Illinois, northeast of St. Louis, had the greatest risk of snow accumulation, he said.

Light rain turned to snow around midday in the area Wednesday, but temperatures remained above freezing.

The weather service recorded 0.2 inches of snow that day and 0.05 inches of total precipitation.

The temperature could drop as low as 33 degrees overnight, increasing the risk of accumulating snow between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 6 a.m. Thursday, the weather service predicted.

On Thursday there will be a chance of additional rain and snow throughout the afternoon. Further snowfall could occur Thursday evening.

Rain and snow are likely before midday Friday, followed by a chance of rain. Little to no accumulation is expected.

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