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Moose hit by car in Worcester pulled away and was safely captured


“He broke the windows of the car, dented the door and made the car, you know, the car almost got off the road.”

The moose were reassured by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. Massachusetts Environmental Police

A wild scene involving a moose hitting the back of a passing car unfolded in Worcester on Wednesday morning. Fortunately, the moose was then safely captured and released into the woods.

According to CBS Boston, the moose was seen near Cambridge Street around 3 a.m. Later that morning, around 8:30 a.m., he was seen galloping down Hollywood Street. When he crossed May Street, he hit the back of a passing car.

“He cracked the windows in the car, dented the door and made the car, you know, the car almost come off the road,” Dan Antonucci, a sanitation worker, told WCVB.

Antonucci said he was working on a regular trash route when he and his partner spotted the moose, which they started following after the collision to warn people to get out of the way.

“I was trying to run away, because he looked angry, because he was getting worse because we were chasing him down the street,” said Douglas Flores, who worked in road construction, at WCVB.

According to NBC Boston, the moose charged at least one person on a porch before being reassured by Massachusetts Environmental Police behind a King Street house. Authorities said the moose weighed 1,000 pounds. Spectrum News reported that it took a dozen Worcester police, city workers and environmental cops to get the moose into a Department of Public Works front loader to bring it back to the woods. The moose sustained a minor nose laceration, but was not otherwise injured.

“The moose has been moved to an undisclosed location for its own protection,” environmental police told CBS Boston.

MassWildlife told Spectrum News that it is rare for moose to roam this far around the city, but it is common for them to live in wooded areas and wetlands west of Worcester. Environmental police told WCVB that a few years ago they removed three moose from Worcester in a month.

Dave Wattles, a MassWildlife biologist, told Spectrum News the moose are around 4 to 5 years old.

“Right now, it’s mating season for moose. So they move around a lot, especially males like this, they try to find mates, ”he said. “And so, just on the west side of Worcester, you have great tracts of forest in the lands of the Worcester watershed, really continuous blocks of moose habitat for miles and miles. So it’s no surprise to have moose there.