Monster Hunter Wilds presented at PlayStation State Of Play

A screenshot from Monster Hunter Wilds showing the protagonist on a rideable monster.

Picture: Capcom

Capcom’s highly anticipated next title Monster Hunter The series finally reappeared during PlayStation’s recent State of Play showcase. The next RPG, called Wild Monster Huntersseems to borrow elements from both Monster Hunter: World And Rise of the Monster Hunters, merging them into an even bigger and more interactive world.

First revealed with a 90-second teaser at the end of last year’s Game Awards, Wild Monster Hunters appears to allow rideable companion monsters similar to Increase, but with a greater degree of hostile environments and smooth traversal mechanics. As the trailer’s central character moved through a desert environment, we got a glimpse of the improved density of the monsters on screen and how the world might change in real time.

The State of Play showcase trailer doubled down on the barren desert biome teased in The Savages first trailer and gave us our first detailed look at the upcoming title’s gameplay. The player character can be seen wielding the equivalent of a greatsword, a common weapon archetype featured in the Monster Hunter games, as well as a rifle and a flamethrower, as they perform a number of weapon skills against some truly terrifying new monsters.

One of WildlandsThe most important features seem to be the changing environment, as demonstrated by the sandstorm that sweeps over the player mid-combat. The weather also seems to change drastically: at one point, a thunderstorm rages in the background of an epic encounter. Another great addition is a mountable companion that seems like a game changer. He seems to seamlessly weave in and out of combat, and at one point he even picks up the player to prevent them from being crushed by a monster’s follow-up attack.

Check out the latest trailer for Wild Monster Hunters below:

Monster Hunter Wilds – 1st Trailer | PS5 games

Monster Hunter: World launched the long-running series into the mainstream in 2018, when it became Capcom’s best-selling game of all time. Monster Hunter: World‘s environments were praised for their density, as well as how monsters would interact with each other as part of the shared ecosystem.

Rise of the Monster Hunters first launching on Switch in 2021 before releasing on other platforms alongside a big expansion in 2023. Wild Monster Hunters seeks to build on the foundations of Monster Hunter: WorldThe massive, overlapping biomes of and associate it with IncreaseThe emphasis is on streamlined and refined movement systems to potentially make this one hell of a game. We’ll find out if it succeeded when Wildlands lands in 2025.

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