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Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown Rewards

What are the Monopoly Go Fortune countdown rewards? The mobile board game is ringing in the new year with another new event. And if you have the means to go through the list of gifts, you will see 2023 end by saying goodbye to ship after ship, increasing rent prices and getting a bunch of Prize Drop token coins to win. even more.

While you’re whittling down the prize pools from the latest Monopoly Go event, also load up our list of the best online board games to jump into. It makes sense to play a second, similar game once you run out of Monopoly Go dice links for more rolls, after all. And if you want to see what you might have missed, the Monopoly Go events page keeps track of it. With this one, you will have missed the Monopoly Go Gifts All Around rewards. Don’t make the same mistake by missing this one.

Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown Rewards

Here are all the Monopoly Go Fortune countdown rewards:

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 7 Prize Giving Tokens
2 5 20 dice
3 5 Sticker pack (2x 1 star)
4 ten Species
5 50 130 dice
6 ten 10 Prize Giving Tokens
7 15 Cash Grab (ten minutes)
8 15 Sticker pack (2x 1 star)
9 15 15 Prize Giving Tokens
ten 100 225 dice
11 20 Species
12 25 Sticker pack (2x 1 star)
13 25 20 Prize Giving Tokens
14 25 Species
15 240 475 dice
16 30 Rental Frenzy (15 minutes)
17 35 Sticker pack (3x 2 stars)
18 40 35 Prize Giving Tokens
19 45 Species
20 350 600 dice
21 45 Species
22 50 55 reward tokens
23 50 Dice Frenzy (ten minutes)
24 55 Sticker pack (3x 3 stars)
25 700 1000 dice
26 80 Species
27 60 Sticker pack (4x 4 stars)
28 65 85 reward tokens
29 70 125 dice
30 500 Species
31 100 150 dice
32 150 Species
33 200 105 Prize Giving Tokens
34 250 Cash Boost (five minutes)
35 1000 1200 dice
36 300 Sticker pack (6x 6 stars)
37 350 125 reward tokens
38 400 Species
39 500 Species
40 2000 3000 dice
41 600 High Roller (20 minutes)
42 650 170 reward tokens
43 700 850 dice
44 1600 Species
45 750 900 dice
46 800 210 reward tokens
47 850 Sticker pack (6x 5 stars)
48 900 Species
49 4000 6500 dice

By landing on the correct squares throughout the Fortune Countdown event in Monopoly Go, you can earn up to 15,175 free dice rolls.

How to play Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown

The Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown event triggers automatically if you start the game during the event window. To claim its prizes, all you have to do is land on one of two Taxes or Utilities tiles: Income Tax, Luxury Tax, Waterworks, or Electric Company. This earns you points (in this case, clocks) towards the next reward threshold.

Tax tiles are worth three points, while Utility tiles are worth two. Not that you have much control over where you land.

When does the Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown event end?

The Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown event ends on December 30 at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm GMT.

The Monopoly Go Fortune countdown began on December 27, 2023 at the times listed above. That’s exactly when the Gifts All Around event ended. It also lasts the same duration as the previous one, 72 hours (or three days in total.)

How to get more Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown points

You can speed up your Monopoly Go Fortune Countdown points game by increasing your multiplier. This increases the number of points you earn when you land on the Taxes or Utilities spaces used in the event.

Using a higher multiplier to earn more Fortune Countdown Clock Points is a high risk, high reward method, but it could very well be what you need to get through the reward levels if you’re short on time but not of turns.

For more reading material while you win the prizes, consider checking out our list of 11 perfect games to play this Christmas. Monopoly Go is not one of them, but you can play it at the same time. And if you’re just looking for more free games to jump into, our list of the best free PC games is worth checking out.

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