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Minor SF rapper records diss track on London Breed, Breed’s PR team throws kitchen sink at him

How soft of a rapper are you if you record a diss track about Mayor Breed, then immediately apologize when his PR people complain? More importantly, why are the pro-Breed PR forces going after this obscure rapper with everything they have?

It wasn’t even a small blip on the SF news radar nine days ago when the SF Standard made a little hay about a local rapper named Chino Yang posting a dissing London Breed video on YouTube . The story was not picked up by any other local news outlet, although it was picked up by the New York Post and the British tabloid Daily Mail, two publications with fetishistic obsessions with reporting more on San Francisco crimes than on crimes that occur within their own jurisdictions.

However, locally, it was absolutely no story. But thanks to a strange overreaction on the part of Breed’s supporters, it’s now a story.

Chino Yang’s video for “San Francisco Our Home” can be seen above. In the track, he proclaims, “Raise both middle fingers to the mayor” and “London Breed, you’re just a clown/when we really needed you, you were never there.” »

The video also documents several burglaries at Yang’s restaurants, Kung Food in Alamo Square and Aceking BBQ in the Richmond District, and highlights several attacks on Asian seniors, although many of the examples cited by Yang did not take place. location in San Francisco. The video has 13,000 views, which is good, but definitely not viral by Youtube standards. Hell, SFist’s 4/20 smoke videos get about that many views.

But for some reason, Chino Yang’s video caused the London Breed PR machine to switch to DEFCON 1. In what appears to be a disproportionate move, some pro-Breed forces called a press conference at 11 a.m. Thursday with Willie Brown , SF. NAACP chapter president Rev. Amos Brown, a half-dozen religious leaders and what a press release calls “young black rappers.”

This press release adds that they will “call on Chinese-American rapper and San Francisco restaurant owner Chino Yang to remove a ‘dishonest and disrespectful’ video attacking Mayor London Breed.”

And shortly after that press release was sent out, the SF Standard reported that Yang apologized to Breed. But what the SF Standard didn’t mention, and neither did the Chronicle in its reporting on the subject, is that the press release was sent out by Sam Singer’s powerful corporate and public relations firm, Singer Associates.

This is the same PR firm Sam Singer currently hired to get Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong fired from her job, and which previously represented the real estate company that evicted Moms 4 Housing, the Napa Wine Train when they kicked out 10 black women and Chevron. when their refinery sent thousands of East Bay residents to the hospital. And folks, Sam Singer’s Singer Associates doesn’t usually work for free (and neither does Willie Brown’s consulting firm), so this seems like a labor effort.

But maybe he did his job, because rapper Chino Yang publicly apologized to Breed. But boy, it’s Yang’s apology video unusualin a sort of almost hostage video.

“Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of threats, especially from someone extremely powerful, someone who has ties to presidents, senators or, you know, the highest elites,” Yang said in her Instagram apology video. “For the sake of my family, my loved ones, my close friends, I would like to openly and publicly apologize for my actions and what I said in the video. I had no idea that this extremely powerful had just as much emotional attachment to London Breed. That being said, I’m sorry for my ignorance, I’m sorry for my stupidity and impulsiveness.

It’s worth noting that this publicity blitz aimed at silencing Yang may not be the work of London Breed herself, or even her re-election campaign. It could be one of those tech money PACs with generic names like TogetherSF, Grow SF, or Abundant SF. But someone pays this effort to silence Yang.

Remember, we are heading into an election year. Perhaps Breed’s supporters feel the crime issue could weaken his standing with Asian voters, and Yang’s video could exacerbate that weakness. Although common sense indicates that it’s just as likely that going after this young man could easily backfire on Asian voters.

Either way, this is likely the shape things will take as we approach 2024 and the November municipal elections are already well underway. Political consultants and public relations firms will orchestrate elaborate public attacks, or elaborate displays of victimhood, against their preferred candidate. And this consultant and this PR course will be paid very well for it, even if their efforts are ineffective and clumsy.

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Screenshot: ZHONG.TV by Youtube

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