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To be quite frank, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had a few issues launching his social network Frank – including being joked by Donald Trump impersonators.

The website launch was notoriously glitchy, according to Newsweek, with numerous crashes and people unable to access the homepage.

That hasn’t stopped Lindell from hosting what is billed as a 48-hour “FRANK-a-thon,” and it hasn’t stopped him from being trolled, according to Salon’s Zachary Petrizzo.

One caller succeeded by pretending to be Trump – a very rude Trump.

“Hello everyone,” the fake Trump said.

Lindell, who leaned her body over the speaker from which the voice was emanating, got excited.

“Oh, we have the president here – our real president everybody,” Lindell exclaimed. “Good morning Mister President!”

Unfortunately for Lindell, the person claiming to be the president did not respond in kind.

“, bitches!! “

Ron Blackman, who tweets like @JamesWinder and which hosts the British podcast “The Macron Show”, later took the credit on Twitter for the prank call, and told HuffPost that Lindell deserves everything he gets.

“He’s asking for it totally, spreading constant lies about vaccines and voter fraud,” Winder said. “He’s a narcissist and a fraudster who passes poisonous information to people. I feel like I’m doing my homework by wasting time and embarrassing it. Lindell faces a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit for spreading election security lies in 2020.

The prank call may have been short, but many Twitter users have found it very satisfying.


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