Microsoft’s canceled Xbox cloud console detailed in new patent

A few years ago, Microsoft planned to launch a dedicated Xbox cloud console, named Keystone. The device looked like a miniature Xbox Series S, a small white box dedicated to accessing Xbox games through the company’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Microsoft ultimately canceled plans to launch Keystone, but a new patent gives us the best glimpse yet of what the Xbox cloud console would have looked like.

Spotted by Windows Centralthe patent reveals that Keystone would have come with an HDMI port, Ethernet and a power connector. On the front, there was an Xbox button, a controller pairing button, and a USB-A port. Underneath, Microsoft had a circular “Hello from Seattle” plaque on which the console rested, similar to the one used on the larger Xbox Series X.

The patent, filed in 2022, is attributed to Chris Kujawski, principal designer at Microsoft. Kujawski led the design of the Xbox Series S/X consoles.

The front and back of the Xbox Keystone device.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft initially announced it was planning an Xbox streaming device in 2021, but ultimately canceled its Keystone device because it couldn’t get a price tag around $100. Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed Keystone on his office shelf in 2022, with the official Xbox on X account saying it was an “old prototype.”

“It was more expensive than we wanted when we built it with the material we had inside,” Spencer said in an interview with The edge late 2022. “We have decided to focus the efforts of this team on providing the Smart TV streaming application.”

Microsoft then launched an Xbox TV app. Available on Samsung 2022 and above TVs and monitors, the Xbox TV app launches games from Xbox Cloud Gaming and supports game streaming at 1080p at up to 60fps.

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