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Microsoft is testing Windows 11 “super resolution” AI scaling for gamers

Microsoft is testing a new “Auto Super Resolution” AI-assisted upscaling feature that increases the video and image quality of supported games while making them run smoother.

Upscaling is the process of converting a lower quality or lower resolution image to a higher resolution image without sacrificing quality.

Traditional upscaling methods use techniques such as nearest neighbor or bicubic interpolation to extrapolate the colored pixels that need to be added to an image in order to increase its resolution without losing too much quality. Unfortunately, these techniques generally make an image increasingly blurry as you increase its resolution.

Newer upscaling techniques use artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to predict and add detail to low-quality images, allowing them to reach higher resolutions without sacrificing quality. This is accomplished by training the algorithms with millions of images, allowing the AI ​​to predict which pixels and color should be added to the image during the upscaling procedure.

As first discovered by Windows Detective Earth GhostMicrosoft is currently testing an automatic super resolution feature as part of its first preview of Windows 11 24H2 in the Canary and Dev channels.

This feature is hidden and must be enabled using specialized tools, but once enabled a new global Auto Super Resolution setting appears under System > Display > Chart to configure the new feature.

“Use AI to make supported games smoother with improved details,” the setting’s description reads.

Automatic super resolution adjustment
Source: BleepingComputer

You can also enable game-by-game functionality by enabling the setting in the “Custom settings for apps” section.

Custom game settings
Source: BleepingComputer

Microsoft hasn’t released any information about this feature, and the Learn more about Auto SR link is to the DirectX Developer Blog, with most recent posts focusing on the use of Neural Processing Units (NPUs) under DirectX 12.

However, this feature is believed to be similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS Super Resolution feature, which also uses AI to upgrade video frames.

For those who want to test the new Super Resolution feature, you can install the latest version of Windows 11 Dev or Canary and download the ViveTool program, which allows you to enable hidden developer features.

To enable the Super Resolution feature, open an elevated command prompt and run the following command shared by Albacore on X.

vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3

After entering the command, restart Windows 11 to enable the feature.

Please note that this feature is under development and enabling it may cause instability on your device. Therefore, only use it on a test device, not on your main computer.

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