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Michigan man pedals to raise money for nonprofit organizations |  New

A Michigan man pedals with purpose in hopes of inspiring and helping others in their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

With Gil Scott in his ears, Black Leaders Detroit CEO Dwan Dandridge set off for his third day of cycling from Detroit to Mackinaw.

“The pandemic has kind of put the spotlight on an issue that existed long before the pandemic arrived,” Dandridge said.

This problem is equal access to capital for black entrepreneurs.

“We want to make sure we’re seizing the moment to actually fix the problem,” Dandridge said.

So Dandridge grabbed the handlebars of his bike to raise awareness and fundraise for his organization, the black leaders in Detroit, and they gave out micro-grants during the pandemic.

“I’ve been riding a bike for a few years, never anything this serious or close. I usually do twenty miles when I go out on a bike.”

Dandridge travels 377 miles on this trip. It took off from a Holiday Inn Express and Suites on Tittabawassee just before noon. He has about 50 miles to go before the end of the day.

All this for a man with a pacemaker in his chest.

“We had some hurdles and hurdles in the beginning, but nothing compared to what entrepreneurs face, right? So if they can improvise and do what they have to do to survive, we can withstand a little rain, a little bit of discomfort, ”Dandridge said.

An unexpected joy of the weeklong trip are the people he meets.

“I really like meeting people, it’s crazy, the, when we have the chance to stop and talk to some, to some people, the welcome we get is really therapeutic. kind everyone, ”Dandridge said.

106 miles behind, he is heading to Clare today and will be in northern Michigan by Saturday in time for the Mackinac Policy Conference.


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