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Michael Chandler Claims Conor McGregor ‘Trying to Wait Out on Me’ for Easier Nate Diaz Trilogy Fight

Fight fans still expect Conor McGregor to make his return in 2024 against the former Ultimate Fighter his coaching counterpart, Michael Chandler, but everything can change in no time when “Notorious” is involved.

For now, McGregor is preparing to return to action early next year after spending more than two years on the sidelines. Chandler makes the most sense for McGregor’s return to fighting and appears to be the betting favorite to mark the upcoming Red Panty Night. However, with McGregor’s return taking much longer than expected, Chandler is unsure if “Notorious” still wants to fight him.

“I think right now he’s trying to wait for me,” Chandler recently told Steve-O. “I mean, because if you were him, would you want to wait as long as possible for a guy like me, who’s a real fighter, who wants to be in there, who wants to compete for me to say, ‘Let’s go.’ I don’t care, ‘I’m going to fight someone else,’ and then he can fight an easier fight, Nate Diaz. He can fight an easier fight, Tony Ferguson. He can find a much easier fight than me beat.

McGregor, who recently re-entered the UFC’s drug testing program, criticized the UFC last week for the promotion’s failure to book him a fight. So if McGregor is in fact striving to win an easier fight than Chandler, he’s doing a great job of hiding it.

To defend Chandler’s comments, a trilogy fight between McGregor and Diaz would actually be one of the biggest fights to take place. Diaz is currently not under contract with the promotion, but the UFC should be able to work out a deal if that’s the fight they wanted to make. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as UFC President Dana White remains adamant that McGregor vs. Chandler will be next.

“It looks really bad for everyone if Conor comes back and doesn’t fight me after ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’” Chandler said. “So Conor can try to come back and act like he’s running the show and say, ‘I want to fight this guy, I want to fight this guy,’ which, if I was in his shoes, if I was his manager, I would try to do the same thing. Because fighting is not the smartest fight.

What do you think? Is McGregor deliberately trying to dodge Chandler or is his return taking this long?

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