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Meghan Markle has added a special mention in the author’s biography for her upcoming children’s book, titled ‘The Bench’.

In a Penguin Random House outing for the book, shared with HuffPost on Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex mentions her two dogs (Guy and Pula), as well as new animal friends when she describes her work and current life in California.

“Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is a mother, wife, feminist and activist,” says Meghan’s author biography. “Through the non-profit work of the Archewell Foundation, she and her husband are committed to activating compassion in communities around the world.”

The statement added, “She currently resides in her home state of California with her family, two dogs and a growing flock of rescue chickens.”

Tundra Books

An excerpt from a Tundra Books press release.

Meghan, Harry and Archie’s co-op for their rescue chickens recently made an appearance during the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

In CBS prime-time specials, Meghan opened up about the family’s rescue chickens, while viewers took a peek at the co-op, aptly referred to as’ Archie’s Chick Inn, established in 2021. “.

The Duchess greeted the former hens from the factory farm with a “Hi girls!” in the pictures and told Winfrey that she “loves saving”.

Meghan Markle’s author biography includes a nod to her rescue chickens


Meghan Markle’s Rescue Chickens made an appearance during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

It’s unclear whether the chickens will appear in Meghan’s children’s book, which features watercolors by award-winning author and illustrator Christian Robinson.

The Duchess spoke of the ‘bench’, which was inspired by Prince Harry and Archie’s relationship, in a statement.

The bench started as a poem I wrote for my husband on Father’s Day, the month after Archie was born, ”the royal said. “This poem has become this story.”

She said Robinson captured “the warmth, joy and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons of all walks of life” in her illustrations, a portrayal which she said “was especially important to me.”

“Christian and I have worked closely to describe this special bond through an inclusive lens,” added Meghan. “My hope is that The bench resonates with all families, whatever their makeup, as much as mine.


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