Mayor Eric Adams parties in the Hamptons as New York deals with crime and budget negotiations

While there was a broad daylight stabbing in the East Village last weekend — and the city’s budget negotiations were being fought down to the wire — Mayor Eric Adams hit the Hamptons.

On Saturday, spies spotted New York’s headquarters at Ketchy Beach, Southampton’s hottest new spot and an outpost of the trendy downtown Manhattan club Ketchy Shuby.

A spy told us about Hizzoner: “Adams showed up with a security guard of five and wanted to hang out in a cabana by the pool.”

The polo shirt was hanging at the hottest new beach club in the Hamptons.
The club is based at the Capri Hotel in Southampton.

He posed for photos with clients and was seen sandwiched between two beautiful women in one photo.

The photo on Instagram had the caption “Mayor Adams celebrating Sara’s birthday,” apparently referring to one of the women in the funny image.

Some former supporters rolled their eyes.

“He takes a poll in the 20s, the perception of crime is out of control, no one feels like anyone is in charge and his response is to leave town and go party. . . in the Hamptons? said a political insider.

Adams is known for enjoying social occasions. WireImage
The mayor regularly visits celebrities, such as French Montana. WireImage

“It was bad enough when it was (the Noho club) Zero Bond, but now this? »

Adams spoke about his stay in the Hamptons at a news conference Tuesday when a reporter asked about the mayor’s “involvement in budget negotiations.”

“I know you were in the Hamptons this weekend because there was a lot of discussion going on,” the reporter said, according to a presser transcript. “Are you actually personally involved in the discussions or do you delegate everything to… the rest of the team?”

Adams responded: “When I was in the Hamptons for the day, because I’m allowed to go and rest, we were always in constant contact. I have a great team.

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