Massive new Mets store at Citi Field is a merch home run

Here we go, Put, Put, goods!

The team store at Citi Field has doubled in size and is now a 10,000-square-foot outpost for all things blue and orange. Fans can get exclusive Mets gear, custom jerseys and official merchandise from top brands like Nike and New Era.

“We love it,” said Justin Leto, 45, a longtime Mets fan who visited the store with his 7-year-old son, Jax, before Friday’s home opener against the Brewers. Milwaukee. “I love the entrance. The whole thing is special. New York does it well.

One fan prices the Nike Elite Player Jersey at $395 at the Mets’ new team store at Citi Field. Aristide Economopoulos
Brooklyn artist Michael Murphy created the Mets artwork that sits above the store. Aristide Economopoulos

The centerpiece of the store, located in the Jackie Robinson rotunda, is a 12-foot-wide art installation. It hangs from the high ceiling and says “Mets” or “NY” depending on your point of view.

The piece, designed by local artist Michael Murphy, was constructed entirely in Brooklyn, from 50 separate pieces of plastic polymer.

“I love it, I think it’s so cool…and as a New Yorker, I’m so proud to make a play for the Mets,” said Murphy, who previously worked with the Atlanta Hawks and is currently working on a play with the Utah Jazz for the Delta Center.

The centerpiece is a free attraction in a store filled with delights that will cost you a lot of money. Here’s a look at other hot items for sale:

Custom jerseys

Fans can customize jerseys at the renovated Citi Field store and immerse themselves in the game like never before. Aristide Economopoulos

Fans can join the team with jerseys bearing the names and numbers of their choice. Custom jerseys start at $215 for adults and $135 for children. Those who feel less comfortable can pick up replica uniforms of various famous Mets for $185.

Retro varsity jacket

The renovated Mets store at Citi Field features new looks for the 2024 season, like this retro wool varsity jacket that’s sure to turn heads inside and outside the stadium. Aristide Economopoulos

This cozy $299 wool classic from Pro Standard is exclusive to the team store and features a soft quilted lining and raised team logos on the back and chest pockets. Detailed patches honor the Mets’ two World Series victories.

Hats galore

The huge store, about 50% larger than the previous one, offers dozens of new retro-themed hats. Aristide Economopoulos

There is a huge selection of hats, some rare or exclusive to the store, from brands big and small. Options include New Era’s retro golfer hat for $39.99, a stylish white corduroy cap for $42.99, or a classic blue and orange mesh style honoring the team’s inaugural 1962 season for 39 $.99.

Mr. Met figurine figurine

The Mets have three bobblehead giveaways planned for 2024, but visitors to the team’s new store can get their fix early. Aristide Economopoulos

The Mets are offering a host of on-field giveaways this season, including jerseys, cups and pickleball paddles, as well as promotional products such as Mr. Met figurines in a London phone booth (May 11), outfielder Brandon Nimmo (July 12) and shortstop Francisco Lindor (July 29). But impatient fans who can’t wait for the freebies can shell out $59.99 for a Citi Field-exclusive wiggly mascot model.

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