Massiel Taveras seen in Cannes red carpet altercation with security guard reprimanded by Kelly Rowland

Massiel Taveras was filmed pushing away a security guard on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, just days after Kelly Rowland reprimanded the same usher.

The Dominican actor and TV presenter, 39, attended the premiere of the French film the count of Monte Cristobased on the novel by Alexandre Dumas and directed by Matthieu Delaporte, at the time of the incident.

As the star posed on the red carpet, in a dress with a white train adorned with a photo of Jesus Christ, the security guard could be seen guiding the actress inside as she attempted to pose for photos.

The guard appeared to place her arm over Taveras’ head and chest as she attempted to bring her inside. Taveras then turned around and apparently placed her hand on the guard’s face in retaliation.

The independent contacted a Taveras representative for comment.

This comes days after Kelly Rowland was seen vehemently berating the same Cannes security guard on Thursday (May 21).

The former Destiny Child singer attended the premiere of a French film Marcello Mio when the guard then appeared standing on the star’s dress.

The “Motivation” singer then turned around to speak sternly to the guard, who didn’t seem to back down, before raising his finger to visibly scold her.

Other event staff appeared to calm the guard down as the singer walked away from the altercation. We could then see the guard making fun of his colleagues.

Fans have called for the guard to be removed from the film festival following the series of incidents with actors on the red carpet.

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“This lady is a real hater,” one person wrote on X/Twitter. “She needs to be fired.”

“They really ruined his moment!” » said another fan. “The press couldn’t get a good photo of her (Taveras) dress”

Taveras posted about her dress on Instagram, writing: “Jesus Christ is in Cannes. This masterpiece (was) created exclusively for this unforgettable night.

The actor revealed that her eye-catching dress was designed by Giannina Azar and “hand painted by the mega-talented Yan Páez.”

“El Cristo is the son of God, here he is for the very first time at the 77th Cannes Film Festival,” she wrote.

Rowland addressed the viral video of her berating the Cannes security guard earlier this week.

Talk to AP Entertainment of the ordeal, Rowland said: “The woman knows what happened; I know what happened.

“I have a limit, I respect it and that’s it. And there were other women who frequented that carpet, who didn’t really look like me,” she added.

“And they were not reprimanded, nor pushed away, nor ordered to come down. And I held on, and she felt like she had to hold on. But I held on.

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News Source : www.independent.co.uk

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