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Mark Davis should give Antonio Pierce a chance

Two years ago, Raiders interim coach Rich Bisaccia headed to the playoffs, navigating a sea of ​​distractions punctuated by the Jon Gruden fiasco and Henry Ruggs’ drunken driving that killed a young woman and her dog. The Raiders almost beat the Bengals in the wild-card round. That wasn’t enough for Bisaccia to get the chance to become a full-time coach for 2022.

Now Raiders interim coach Antonio Pierce is doing just that. The team put 63 points on the board against the Chargers. They beat the Chiefs in their own building on Christmas Day, without Josh Jacobs and without a passing game after the first quarter.

Why not give Pierce a chance, for a year or two? He did a great job after being appointed to this position on the fly. Give him a full year to come up with a plan and execute it. Give it another year to establish some continuity.

It wasn’t smart to not give Bisaccia a chance, considering what happened with Josh McDaniels. Why would owner Mark Davis want to risk going two-for-two when it comes to getting the right guy as interim coach and getting rid of him? That would put even more pressure on the next coach to deliver on his promises.

Pierce could still take the Raiders to the playoffs. If the Chiefs lose to the Bengals and Chargers and the Raiders beat the Colts and Broncos, the Raiders will win the division.

The fact that the Raiders even have a chance to pull this off before Week 17 is reason enough to keep Pierce around for a year or two. The Raiders could do a lot worse. For most seasons since 2002, this has been the case.

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