Marissa Mayer’s App Cofounder Just Quit

  • Marissa Mayer’s company has just launched Shine, a photo-sharing application.
  • Enrique Munoz Torres, the co-founder, has just left the company.
  • He posted on his LinkedIn that it was “the most rewarding experience of my professional career.”

When former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer tweeted about the launch of her new app, some people criticized Shine’s outdated aesthetic and questioned the photo-sharing app’s purpose.

Shine was the third app launched by Sunshine, a company Mayer co-founded with Enrique Munoz Torres, who had also worked with Mayer at Yahoo and Google previously.

Shine, the new photo application

Shine is the new photo-sharing app from Marissa Mayer’s company.


Sunshine’s apps were deceptively simple: a birthday reminder app, a contacts management app, and Shine, a way to group together photos taken by different people at the same birthday or anniversary party. the same event. These apps had light AI integration and likely appealed to baby boomers.

Munoz Torres posted this note on his LinkedIn on Wednesday:

After six years, yesterday was my last day at Sunshine.

Starting and leading Sunshine has been an incredible learning experience and I am immensely proud of the products we have built and grateful to the co-founder and team I have had the privilege of working with. Startup life isn’t easy, but it was hands down the most rewarding experience of my professional career, which made my decision to leave it very difficult. I have no doubt that Marissa Mayer and the Sunshine team will continue to develop incredible products and I wish them nothing but the best for the future.

As for what’s next, in addition to the cliché “recharge, spend time with family, and figure out what to do next” (which are all true), I have a personal goal to learn SwiftUI and understand LLMs in a way much more in-depth. level. I appreciate any advice on how to get started on either. And of course, I’d be happy to have discussions, bounce ideas off of each other, or just reconnect.

Munoz Torres told Business Insider he had no comment beyond his LinkedIn post.

A Sunshine representative told Business Insider: “Enrique has played a central role in our team’s work to develop Sunshine products, including the recently released Shine app for photos and events.”


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