Marine who lost arm can lift up to 400 lbs with homemade prosthetic

Robot dad shows up for work.

A former Marine and father of one who lost an arm in Afghanistan has regained his power — and more — after receiving a custom-made, superhero-like prosthetic replacement that can lift up to 400 pounds.

“It’s the only prosthesis that I can do things with and that I can trust,” Corporal Sebastian Guadalupe Gallegos told South West News Service.

Corporal Sebastian Guadalupe Gallegos struggled to find a prosthetic arm that wouldn’t break. Sébastien Gallegos / SWNS

Gallegos, 32, lost his arm in 2010 after being hit by an improvised explosive device (IED). He struggled to adapt and tried 15 traditional prosthetics, but none seemed to fit his active lifestyle.

Arms broke constantly – sometimes even during simple tasks like carrying groceries.

“Grocery bags will break them. It’s the couple’s motion when they’re rocking back and forth or carrying jugs of water,” Gallegos added, “The prosthetics would (only) be able to lift maybe three to five pounds . »

The San Antonio, Texas, resident had enough disappointments, so with the help of his engineer friend George Schroeder, he developed an aluminum and carbon fiber arm a year and a half ago.

“My new arm doesn’t look like an arm. Many prosthetics look natural and that is why they are so fragile. They are so small,” he said.

The old arm made from aluminum and carbon fiber. Sébastien Gallegos / SWNS
Gallegos used 15 traditional prosthetic arms until he teamed up with a friend to create something more durable. Sébastien Gallegos / SWNS
Gallegos lost his arm in 2010 in Afghanistan. Sébastien Gallegos / SWNS

His prosthetic arm, which he likes to decorate with cultural symbols and skulls, allows him to lift heavier loads without deforming.

“The most I lifted was 400 pounds. — 75 pounds is what I safely pulled,” the gym enthusiast said.

In addition to lifting correctly, Gallegos can now feel confident picking up his 1-year-old son, Xolo.

“Being a dad is the real reason I am most grateful for the prosthesis. When I carry my son, I use the prosthesis almost exclusively,” he added.

Xolo loves his father’s unique look.

“He likes it. It’s really cute. He thinks people with two arms are the weirdest,” Gallegos laughs.

The prosthetic has earned her a lot of attention on TikTok. Sébastien Gallegos / SWNS

The proud dad’s superhero appendage has earned him a lot of attention on his TikTok account, @tejano_space_cowboy — followers often compare him to video game characters or the Marvel superhero “The Winter Soldier.”

“My brother is Johnny Silverhand,” wrote one joker.

“I don’t mean it badly at all, but your robot arm is so cool,” another commented.

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