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Marine Le Pen wants to “dismantle” the wind turbines if she is elected president – RT in French

Marine Le Pen said on RTL that she wanted to stop “any new construction of wind farms” and launch “a major project to dismantle them”. The RN presidential candidate wants to wipe out this renewable energy.

The National Rally (RN) candidate for the 2022 presidential election, Marine Le Pen, spoke to RTL on October 14 of her desire to “launch a major project to dismantle” all French wind farms. The leader of the RN also indicated that she wanted to “stop any new construction” of this type. She insisted on recalling that she had always opposed the deployment of wind power in France, criticizing the President of the Republic in the process. “I am not Emmanuel Macron, I have clear positions, I have convictions. I don’t change, I say in advance what I will do because I believe in it, ”she said.

To justify her decision, Marine Le Pen believes that the credits allocated to renewable energies would be more useful if they were directly redistributed to the French. The RN candidate thus wishes to return “money to the French because I think the French can no longer do it”.

Le Pen’s proposal “would lead to a blackout”, judges the government

“The considerable subsidies that we grant to intermittent energy, wind and photovoltaic, it is between 6 and 7 billion euros per year. I am removing the subsidies, which will also allow the French to return half of a tax they pay on their electricity bill. […] There is a whole series of things on which I am going to intervene to reduce the pressure weighing on the French for their constrained spending. And I will get there, ”she added.

Dismantling the wind farm means depriving us of at least 8% of our electricity production

This statement follows the announcements of Emmanuel Macron who, on October 12, unveiled his investment plan of 30 billion euros, including 500 million for wind and photovoltaics. The Minister for the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili replied to Marine Le Pen, on Twitter, declaring that “dismantling the wind farm means depriving us of at least 8% of our electricity production while our consumption will increase by 20% by 2035 ”. “Unless Marine Le Pen knows how to build nuclear power plants in less than 10 years (no), it would lead us to a blackout,” she said.

The right, whether liberal or national, has often been very critical of the deployment of wind power. During the last regional, several of its candidates had for example reaffirmed their opposition to this type of installation.

An anti-wind speech which has the wind in its sails on the right

This is the case of Xavier Bertrand: he accuses wind turbines of disrupting “people’s lives”, of “costing crazy money”, of developing in an “anarchic” way or even of “massacring landscapes”. The president of the Hauts-de-France region thus wishes to finance “a federation of anti-wind energy associations”.

Another candidate for the right-wing primary, Michel Barnier had, last June, met representatives of the environmental and anti-wind association at sea Keep the Capes, as well as fishermen from Erquy (Côtes d’Armor), where the project to install offshore wind turbines in the bay of Saint-Brieuc is not unanimous.

The deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes and also candidate for the primary of the right Eric Ciotti, meanwhile, supported, in 2020, a bill aimed at putting an end to the “forced development of wind farms, imposed against the citizens”.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is not left out on this issue. Reacting to an article by The cross on a wind farm project in the Normandy Sea, the presidential candidate had announced that he would establish a “moratorium on wind turbines” if he was elected in 2022.

As for the putative presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, he believes that wind turbines “are a disaster”.

Opposition to wind power is also shared by several local elected officials. This is how two communities of municipalities – the Green Picardy and the Picardy Oise – have already voted on motions aimed at regulating the flow of wind projects.