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Maria Shriver calls out Harrison Butker for his graduation speech

Maria Shriver throws a flag on Harrison Butkerrecent comments from.

The reporter commented on the Kansas City Chiefs kicker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College earlier this week, where he expressed his belief that women’s roles should be at home and not in the workplace.

“What point was Harrison Butker really trying to make to women in his graduation speech about their current life choices?” Married written theformerly Twitter, May 16. “Did he really want them, that is, us, to believe that our lives only truly begin when we turn to the vocation of wife and mother?”

“Look, everyone has the right to freedom of speech in our country,” she continued. “That’s the benefit of living in a democracy. But those of us who are women and have a voice have the right to disagree with Butker.”

Maria, who shares children Catherine34, Christina32, Patrick30, and Christopher26 years old, with an ex Arnold Schwarzenegger– spoke about her own experience balancing her work as a journalist and mother.


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