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Man harasses group of TikTokers in Downtown Crossing for wearing masks


“At first I thought he was joking… then he started talking about communism and all that, and that’s when it hit us, we realized he was racist towards us because that we were Asians wearing masks. “

A group of mostly Asian women filming a K-pop dance video in Downtown Crossing were harassed by a man for wearing masks.

On Monday, a TikTok video posted by user @celenana_na shows a clip of seven women filming a dance in the plaza, and shows an unmasked man approaching the user and appearing to slap his arm while holding the phone before tell him to stop recording it and to “put that shit down.” The video has racked up over 3 million views.


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In a follow-up video, the user said that day that she was filming a video with HUSH CREW, a Boston and Los Angeles-based K-pop dance group, when a man approached them between takes. and asked them why they were wearing masks.

“In between takes some people wear masks just because a lot of people approach us to find out what videos we’re making, what we’re filming for, who we are, so when he first approached us, we didn’t think so. not a lot, ”she said. noted. “He came up to us asking ‘why are you wearing masks?’ And at first I thought he was joking, so we played along, but then he started talking about communism and all that, and that’s where it hit us, we realized that he was racist towards us because we were Asians wearing masks. “


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The team has been filming regularly at Downtown Crossing and for some time, according to their YouTube channel, and was in the pedestrian zone on Summer and Washington streets on Monday. When the man allegedly started harassing women to wear masks, the user is heard in the clip saying, “This is America, I can do whatever I want.” She then apologized for saying this, noting that it was a reaction to the insult he had chosen for “communism.”

“I started recording for my safety because I noticed he was starting to come up in our space, very close to us,” @celenana_na said on TikTok. “The moment I started recording it slipped onto my phone and luckily a third person came in and took him aside to protect us, and I really appreciate that.”

The man who walked up and pushed the other aside was actually Brandon Bowser, a union organizer and former city council candidate. When Bowser steps in and asks what’s wrong, one of the women says of the first man, “he’s a ****** racist.”

Bowser shared a video from TikTok user @tizzyent posting political content and videos asking viewers to track down certain people. The user described the incident and challenged Boston to locate this man.

“He assaulted her,” @tizzyent said. “There were other people in that area with masks… but they were the only ones he decided to come and say something to. These are the only ones he has decided to call Communists, which seems to directly refer to the fact that they are Asian. This guy is far too comfortable being aggressive towards women, getting his hands on women, especially Asian women.

In a comment under his follow-up video, @celenana_na wrote that it “isn’t worth finding him” or “losing anything to him” and the man just needs help. She also said she didn’t call the cops.

“I wouldn’t want to put this man in danger just [because] he caught me, ”she wrote. “Boston cops aren’t. “

The Boston Police Department told MassLive the office was aware of the video but did not see an official report arrive.

Responding to comments about filming him and calling him racist, @celenana_na said it had nothing to do with the human race.

“There were a bunch of other people around wearing masks,” she said, “but for some reason he approached us about wearing masks and Communism.”