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Madame Web Called ‘Embarrassing Mess’ As Dakota Johnson’s Marvel Movie Finally Surfaces

Madame Webthe new Marvel adaptation starring Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, was lambasted by critics in initial reactions.

The film, released on February 14, was not widely screened by critics before its release, with the first anticipated verdicts only arriving after the film’s premiere this week.

Pundits have not been kind to the film, however, with one writer describing it as an “embarrassing mess”.

Adapted from characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, Madame Web sees Dakota Johnson play a woman who begins to have visions of the future.

As well as Johnson and Euphoria‘s Sweeney, the film also stars The snake actor Tahar Rahim, as well as Parks and RecreationAdam Scott in a role rumored to be Peter Parker’s “Uncle Ben”.

Madame Web takes place in the same continuity as the two Venom films starring Tom Hardy, as well as Jared Leto’s 2021 flop Morbius.

While The independentThe review of the film won’t come until after its release, so here’s a summary of some of the reactions to the film from the few people who have seen it.

YouTuber Cris Parker wrote: “#MadameWeb is an embarrassing mess. Talented stars wasted in probably the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen. Filled with atrocious dialogue, clunky editing, and an all-around laughable structure. I sat there baffled, scene by scene, that anyone approved of this. Memes will redeem him.

Sydney Sweeney in “Madame Web”

(Screenshot courtesy of YouTube/Sony Pictures)

He did, however, praise Johnson’s humor, the “early 2000s aesthetic” and Scott’s performance.

The Hollywood handle describe Madame Web as “a clumsy, poorly written, messy and sloppy film, filled with poor editing and performances.” In a tweet, the critic added: “Even though it had solid cinematography and an interesting concept, it couldn’t be saved due to its terrible execution.”

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Writer and reviewer @bookblerd wrote: “Unfortunately, I was not successfully entertained. #MadameWeb is a series of failures and wasted opportunities and not just for obvious reasons…”

“#MadameWeb is yet another disappointing entry into the Sony universe,” wrote YouTuber @cocognz. “Dakota Johnson stands out, but unfortunately the rest of the cast does not.

Dakota Johnson in “Madame Web”


“Not as bad as I expected, but unfortunately falls far short of what could have been a decent film.”

The negative responses come amid broader disillusionment with the future of superhero films, part of a trend many have dubbed “superhero fatigue.”

Last year alone, films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Shazam! Fury of the gods, Aquaman and the Lost KingdomAnd Wonders have all underperformed at the box office, suggesting that the genre’s commercial dominance may be in decline.

Madame Web hits theaters on February 14.

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