Machine Gun Kelly Shares Painstaking Process Behind Blackout Tattoo

Kelly machine gun gives a glimpse of its bloody Valentine tattoo process.

More than a month after launching his new blackout ink, which covered the majority of the tattoos on his chest and arms, leaving only a few lines, the rapper (whose real name is Colson Boulanger) shared a video detailing the painful process.

“I heard they thought I was going to sleep over this…,” he captioned the April 1 Instagram Reel, which began with a clip of himself saying, “Today marks the day I begin the physical change in my body. We’ll see what happens.”

From there, the video is interspersed with footage of the 33-year-old actually receiving the tattoo – which shows his skin bleeding in some clips – as well as updates on where he is in the process inking. The “Emo Girl” artist can also be seen in a hyperbaric chamber to, as he said, promote faster healing.

“We did about seven sessions,” he said in a clip showing one of his entire arms, as well as his chest. “It’s been about two weeks since we started. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”


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