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Looking Glass launches new 3D screens

Looking Glass creates trippy-looking mixed reality displays that make things look 3D without the need for special glasses. Today it’s launching a pair of new displays, including a 16-inch mode that costs $4,000. There’s also a 32-inch screen, with a “if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it” price tag. The displays are available in landscape and portrait orientation, providing greater flexibility to accommodate various content formats and applications.

The previous 15-inch model cost $6,000, so we’re seeing at least a slight price drop. The company also released a $350 holographic digital photo frame a few years ago, as well as software that lets you pop your vacation photos off the screen.

Looking Glass displays
The Looking Glass 32-inch monitor is available in horizontal and vertical models. Image credit: Mirror

The innovative displays deliver stunning group 3D viewing without the need for headsets, meaning professionals interacting with 3D content can get away with it without the inconvenience and fatigue associated with carrying additional hardware. The company says its products are designed for cutting-edge visualization, aimed at professionals in design, engineering, education, research and healthcare.

The new displays join the recently announced Looking Glass Go, complementing the company’s portfolio of space offerings. While the Looking Glass Go transforms 2D photos into 3D memories, larger formats are tailored to the needs of developers and XR professionals.

The other benefit of using these views is that content can be viewed in groups, which is particularly useful in collaborative settings. The company claims that up to 100 different people can experience the content at the same time.

The displays can display a wide range of media, including holographic images, high-quality videos and real-time applications, and feature gesture-based controls, further enhancing immersive experiences without the need to touch the screen from the computer.

Looking Glass offers several content creation options, including plugins for Unity, Unreal, Blender, and WebXR. It also has a 3D model importer and a software development kit for creating custom holographic content.


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