Log Cabin Republicans to honor First Lady Melania Trump

The largest organization of LGBT conservatives in the United States will honor First Lady Melania Trump at its annual gala in November. Republicans at Log Cabin announced on Tuesday that Trump will receive the Spirit of Lincoln Award at the event, which will take place at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

The organization said the award “is an annual tradition to honor those who exemplify a commitment to strengthening personal freedom, encouraging individual responsibility and ensuring equality before the law for all Americans.”

“Melania Trump’s work as First Lady, helping children reach their full potential in advocating for a more inclusive Republican Party, has been historic,” said Log Cabin Republicans chief executive Charles Moran , in the event announcement.

“His vocal support for Republicans in Log Cabin has been a signal to Republicans around the world that it is possible to simultaneously be conservative and support equality before the law for all Americans,” Moran said.

The ad praised Trump:

During and after her tenure, First Lady Melania Trump has repeatedly proven her leadership on these principles. His BE BEST initiative focused on the most vulnerable among us – children – encouraging them to give their best, drawing attention to the social and emotional health of young Americans, issues that LGBT Americans of all stripes sympathize with. Additionally, in the heat of last year’s presidential election, the First Lady passionately reiterated her husband’s commitment to LGBT Americans, supported diversity of thought, and made it clear that we are welcome. members of the Republican Party, a historic moment not just for LGBT conservatives. but for the history of the GOP.

Melania Trump’s acceptance to be the guest of honor at the Spirit of Lincoln gala, even after leaving the White House, only reaffirms her unwavering support for the LGBT community.

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