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Lisa Vanderpump Breaks Silence on Ex-Costar Dorit Kemsley’s Breakup

“It’s hard to stay married, especially in this area,” the 63-year-old said. “I think some people get carried away with their own self-importance and maybe their priorities change. We see a lot of people get into reality TV and, some women, they suddenly become empowered because they have their own careers, whereas they couldn’t before. So, in a way, there is this kind of freedom.

As for what sustained his marriage to Ken Todd-with whom she shares a daughter Pandora38 years old, and son Max.32 years – for over 40 years?

“You also have to be really crazy to be around you,” Lisa told E!. “I mean, Ken gets called Mr. Vanderpump all the time and he doesn’t even blink. I think a lot of men would be like, ‘Woah, wait a second.'”

Watch E! News tonight, May 15, for more exclusive scoop from Lisa. And keep reading to see other celebrity couples who sadly split in 2024.


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