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Liberty Walk’s Lamborghini Countach will anger every supercar purist

The Japanese tuner plans to introduce a wide body kit for the Lamborghini Countach at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show.

Lamborghini Countach Liberty Walk wide body kit

Last year, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk built a highly customized wide-body Ferrari F40, setting the internet ablaze with mixed opinions on whether it was right to chop up such a desirable machine. Today, the company is doing it again at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Show with another icon of the 80s: the Lamborghini Countach.

Only a teaser video is available at the moment, but it shows the exterior of the Countach widebody, one section at a time. Like last year’s F40, Liberty Walk gives the car a bold white exterior, emphasizing how the new parts radically change the Lamborghini’s appearance.

The updated front end adds a prominent front splitter and lower fascia with rectangular mesh covering three openings, giving the nose a square appearance. The canards on both corners fit into the widened fender flare. The result is a continuous line from the nose to the wheel arch, creating a curved element along this section.

The sides feature wider lower sills passing between the widened fenders. Liberty Walk also adds an opening in front of the rear wheels. Body-colored vertical strakes in the vents on the upper tail suggest this model is a modified 25th Anniversary Countach. The classic supercar rides on deep, dark-colored Rohana Forged wheels with Y-shaped spokes and Toyo tires.

The Countach factory wing wasn’t big enough for Liberty Walk. The tuner replaced it with an even larger element that attaches under the rear bumper. The rear also gets flush-mounted taillights rather than the flush-mounted lights on the production version. A massive diffuser below the quad exhaust adds to the motorsport-inspired aesthetic.

Liberty Walk’s F40 has already sparked controversy among Engine1last year’s readers. Just from seeing this teaser video, we expect the company’s take on the Countach to be just as polarizing.

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