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Put pressure on Parliament
stop utility charges

As expected, last week the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proposed a new flat rate for utility bills – $24 per month for most ratepayers – which is twice the national average and will increase bills by millions of Californians.

The CPUC’s proposed utility fees will increase electricity bills for millions of people living in apartments and small homes, as well as solar users.

The legislature can stop utility charges. Only sustained public voices will give lawmakers the strength to stand up to public services.

Please call your state congressman and senator and tell them not to be fooled by the CPUC proposal.

Rebecca Elliot
San Jose

The GOP are originalists
when it’s practical

Subject: “Originalists needed on the Supreme Court” (page A6, March 29).

This nonsense about originalism needs to stop. A supposedly noble justification for adhering to time-honored principles, it is invoked when it is convenient and conveniently abandoned when it is not.

California Daily Newspapers

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