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Letters: Trump’s “accomplishments” | Freedom of speech

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should stop trump

For Donald Trump supporters seeking re-election, remember his greatest accomplishments:

The COVID pushback was serious – it was called “Chinese flu” – and it was anti-masking and anti-vaxxing; between March 1 and April 30, 2020, he posted 11 tweets about unproven therapies, mentioned them 65 times during White House briefings, and suggested disinfectant injections. Results during his mandate: 400,000 deaths, increase in violence against Asians and requirement for masks on planes.

He constantly tweeted hateful remarks against individuals and groups. The result: hatred and violence have increased and continue to increase to alarming levels.

He encouraged rioters to storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021, to prevent the transfer of power, and he expressed support for hanging Vice President Mike Pence. Results: nine people died during and after the riots and more than 100 police officers who repelled the rioters were injured.

He banned immigrants from Muslim countries. The results: He now says immigrants are poisoning America’s blood. He wants to be dictator.

Good luck.

Ramona Krausnick

His defense requests release
Trump’s speech will end

Subject: “Believe Trump when he swears revenge on the media” (page A7, December 22).

Does it seem ironic to anyone that at a time when Donald Trump’s lawyers are vigorously defending his First Amendment rights against court-imposed silence orders, their client is vowing to take revenge on anyone who said something about him that he didn’t like?

I guess the First Amendment only applies to people who agree with it.

Stephen McLaughlin

Remain ineligible
Trump on the ballot

Subject: “The idea of ​​keeping Trump out of the March primary vote is gaining ground” (page A1, December 23).

It appears the United States Supreme Court will decide whether Donald Trump has the right to appear on a state’s ballot.

But I wonder why elected Democrats want to block Trump from running in 2024, when the Democratic Party was hoping he would run because he would be the easiest Republican to defeat, especially after his conduct on January 6.

Robert Coffman

Anonymous reviewers fail to
influence on basic income

Subject: “Monthly allowance helping some end homelessness” (page A1, December 23).

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