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Letters to the Editor — January 15, 2022

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Letters to the Editor — January 15, 2022

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The problem: President Biden’s speech in Georgia on the filibuster and the Democratic voting rights bill.

President Biden misleads the American public by saying that opposition to his suffrage bills denies minority voting (“Joe’s Latest Pack of Lies”, Editorial, January 12). It is totally false.

For example, his bill would prevent the use of photo ID.

People need ID to get a driver’s license, take books out of the library, or see a doctor. Eighty percent of the American public believe voter identification is necessary for honest elections.

Charles Winfield

Princeton, New Jersey

This ridiculous idea that electoral reforms are segregationist, racist and un-American in every way is laughable.

Voting reform allows for broad voter participation, integrity and security in the voting process. This endless demonization of those who support electoral reform is so polarizing and intellectually dishonest.

Biden is not the great unifier he marvels at being. Adding more fuel to the fire is his selective filibuster memory. He used the filibuster to his advantage.

Watch how the president uses emotional and psychological blackmail to amplify his arguments. People are afraid to call him because it would make you call him a racist.

Therese O’Brien


Kudos to The Post for its recent editorial.

Biden’s appearance in Georgia to support the clearly unconstitutional federalization of state and local elections came across as brazen.

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party is seeking to make universal mail-in voting mandatory in all 50 states and to ban each state from passing certain voter ID laws, calling those laws a form of voter suppression.

Asking out loud in Georgia whether we side with Martin Luther King Jr. or George Wallace is a pure political joke and a seemingly negative ploy to shell out the Democratic midterm vote using fear.

Sal Giarranti

Boston, Mass.

Do you think for a minute that the changes to federal election laws that Democrats want will lead to fairer and less fraudulent elections? Don’t bet on it.

Increased mail-in voting, no photo ID requirements and no signature verification will help all Democrats.

Biden’s audacity to say that state voting requirements are equivalent to Jim Crow 2.0 is beyond hypocrisy.

Recall that Biden bragged about being praised by George Wallace and delivered a eulogy at Robert Byrd’s funeral.

Voting for “reform” is just a blatant power grab by Democrats, fearing a midterm red wave.

Walter Goldeski

East Brunswick, NJ

Since when does Jim Crow require photo ID?

Until about three years ago, I had been a Democrat all my life. My motto was, “I’d rather fight than change.” But not anymore.

My current motto is, “I’m crazy as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” As a result, I am now a proud, card-carrying Republican who no longer recognizes the Democratic Party.

And according to the new radical leftist ideology, you are a racist, a terrorist and a white supremacist if you disagree with the Marxist agenda of the democrats.

The American people are not buying. And that’s why states are turning red.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Florida.

I can’t pick up a package at Best Buy without showing my ID. I can’t drive a car without an ID card. So why should I be able to vote without ID? It’s just stupidity.

Biden is wasting his political capital on things that are not reasonable.

Smart Democrats realize that one day they won’t be in power and they’ll need the filibuster to protect themselves against laws they don’t like.

The only way to accomplish anything in this country is to compromise, and that is what the filibuster demands.

The progressives, which is the modern Democratic Party, are too stupid to realize that.

Mindy Rader

New city

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Letters to the Editor — January 15, 2022

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