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Letters: Indifference to disinvestment | Example of “Mitzvah”

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Divestment will not be
harm businesses

Subject: “Hayward divestiture from four companies raises questions” (page A1, February 2).

The decision by four Hayward City Council members to divest from four businesses to demonstrate their anti-Israel bias does nothing to harm the businesses or Israel. What this shows is their ignorance of economics and investment, which adds to their ignorance of the Middle East.

From what I have read, the investments are in corporate bonds, which are issued to raise funds by the respective companies. The bonds that Hayward sells will be on the secondary market. If the price of the bond is higher than the original purchase price, Hayward makes money. If the bond is sold for less than the original purchase price, Hayward loses money. Regardless, businesses will not be affected since the bonds have already been issued.

For this reason, I’m pretty sure Hyundai, Exxon, Intel and Caterpillar really don’t care.

Robert Edelman

Ensembles of the Antioch family
example with ‘mitzvah’

Subject: “Nepalese couple receives help in health maze” (Page A1, January 27).

I appreciated your article on the front page of January 27. I immediately recognized the name Ouimet from your previous coverage of this family’s challenges.

Having learned that Govinda Regmi of Nepal suffers from the same rare kidney disease as two of her children, Kristi Ouimet took action. After going through the proper paperwork, passport renewals, and clearance for “humanitarian parole,” she brought Regmi and his wife (a nurse and her caregiver) to the United States to live with her family. Regmi is on dialysis and other life-saving treatments that are not available in his country.

Few people would step out of their own challenges to help others. Yet the Ouimets did it. These are outstanding examples of what Kristi calls “a heart of service” and what I call a “mitzvah” – a good deed.

Sharon Brown
Walnut Stream

Cabaldon deserves
vote for State Senate

My vote goes to Christopher Cabaldon for State Senate District 3. Cabaldon is the only candidate supported by Planned Parenthood, which reviewed all candidates and chose the best ones for reproductive health care. Every grassroots Democratic club in this district that gave support supported Cabaldon.

I’ve seen all three candidates debate many times now. Cabaldon’s knowledge and experience shines through. He has been appointed to various boards by President Obama and five different California governors. Check out his website to see all the awards he’s won. The Sacramento Bee recently named him one of the region’s top 20 AAPI changemakers.

He has an excellent record of building new housing and has launched a program to fund college for kindergartners. He is a strong advocate for education, the environment and civil rights. He is creative, intelligent and someone who gets things done. He deserves your vote.

Kathy Kerridge

Parents must define
children’s technological limits

Subject: “A panel attacks technology leaders” (page A1, February 1).

Bay Area tech executives were questioned by Congress about how addiction to their social media platforms led to depression and suicide. The parents behind the tech giants held photos of the children they lost to their addiction to cyberspace. The hope was that Congress would draft legislation making social media platforms more accountable.

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