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Historic neighborhoods
worth preserving

Subject: “Don’t destroy historic districts to solve California’s housing crisis” (page A6, December 21).

Saving historic districts is essential to keep us from being just another generic city that could be “anywhere” in the United States. We have already lost treasures like the Old City Hall that once stood where Cesar Chavez Park is today, as well as old downtown Santa Clara and many more to mention.

Yes, we need housing, but there has to be a way to get there without sacrificing our history and charming environment. Converting existing office buildings is a great way to start, as are ADUs – and making them affordable would be nice.

Diane McQuillen
San Jose

The target can take lessons
from Trader Joe’s

As I ventured out on a rainy Wednesday to do a little last-minute holiday shopping, I experienced two diametrically opposed customer service business models at my local Trader Joe’s and Target stores.

In a crowded Trader Joe’s, I had several checkout aisles to choose from, all staffed with cashiers and baggers, and I was in and out within minutes. I followed this delicious experience with what I planned to be a brief stop at Target. As I approached the countless checkout aisles, with my 6 items, I found literally two of them open, with very long lines of last minute holiday shoppers. The “less than 10 items” queue was open, also with a very long queue, and, of course, the ubiquitous “self-checkout” stations were open, also with a very long queue.

I returned my items and left. The target should be ashamed.

Barry Goldman Hall
San Jose

Don’t forget Trump
disasters of the years

Voters need to be reminded that the Donald Trump years were a disaster.

The employment rate was worse during Trump’s term, as were economic growth, uninsured rates, and the budget deficit, not to mention the rising homicide rate and America’s embarrassment over the international and national scene where his mental stability was in question. And tragically, his slow and inconsistent response to COVID has cost more than 100,000 lives.

It is astonishing that these facts escape his supporters, who simply listen to his bombastic rhetoric and ignore relevant truths about his presidency.

We cannot afford to survive another four years of Trump.

Claudia Parker
San Jose

Trump’s misdeeds

Subject: “Trump defends Republicans accused of electoral conspiracy” (page A3, December 19).

Donald Trump came to Reno, Nevada, for a campaign rally and to defend the six fake voters indicted for overturning the 2020 election defeat. He said those six were victims of political persecution at the hands of Joe Biden. In fact, they were indicted by the Nevada Attorney General.

Kenneth Cheeseboro, the attorney who orchestrated the Trump campaign’s fake voter scheme, testified in Clark County, which ultimately led to the indictment. The attorney previously pleaded guilty and accepted a plea deal in the Fulton County, Georgia, case. All six have pleaded not guilty in their efforts to send false election certificates to the National Archives.

Trump is also facing charges for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and he claims without any evidence that Democrats are stealing the election, yet he is being sued by Biden. In the meantime, he shamelessly repeats Hitler’s words about immigrants.

Mohan Raj
San Jose

In times of deficits,
no money for statues

Subject: “Replacing park statue could cost up to $100,000” (page A1, December 20).

In an era of huge budget deficits, we cannot afford $100,000 to repair a stolen iron statue. Welding and art classes at San Jose community colleges could repair it inexpensively and gain valuable work experience.

Randall Spangler
San Jose

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