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Letters: Christmas trash can | The electoral college

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Buy local to cut
Christmas trash can

Re: “Christmas gifts make our waste problem worse.” How I’m coping” (Page A6, December 21).

I too am appalled by the amount of unnecessary packaging that comes with the goods we buy. On an item purchased on Amazon, there may be four layers: the cardboard box, air cushions, clear packaging, thick paper, and maybe even a plastic bag. Why do we have to fill our landfills with all these layers?

Humans are the worst animal species in terms of waste production. Here’s a vote for a tax incentive for buying gifts locally, in stores, where wrapping is not necessary. Remove the sales tax requirement for small, independent local stores, and we’ll boost our local economy while keeping our landfills emptier.

Jeremy Trujillo
The Sobrante

Why do we hold on?
in the electoral college?

Americans should be ashamed of themselves. Not for voting for Donald Trump. It was a stupid mistake, but you know that. Their real failure was not to demand that their representatives in Congress and senators end the Electoral College. Why do we continue to endure this outdated institution? Twice in our lifetime it has given us a president who did not win the popular vote.

The daily news is filled with endless articles and discussions about Donald Trump when he should be nothing more than a historical footnote. The only reason Trump “won” in 2016 was the Electoral College. The only reason we’re still constantly talking about Trump in the 2024 presidential election is because of the electoral college. Otherwise, he can’t win in 2024 because he can’t win the popular vote.

If you still believe in representative democracy, then urge your member of Congress to vote to end the Electoral College.

Richard Maurer
Castro Valley

The Supreme Court must
uphold Colorado ban

Colorado showed courage by calling out Donald Trump for his obvious involvement in the insurrection against our government. He does not deserve and should not have the opportunity to wreak further havoc within the government.

Let’s hope the Republican-controlled Supreme Court can regain its integrity and honor and pull up its big boy pants to uphold the 14th Amendment. Now is the time for patriots, not politicians.

Hélène Olivier

Zionism is just a belief
in the Jewish homeland

Subject: “Keep the focus on the real anti-Semites” (page A6, December 20).

The letter’s author, Suzi Goldmacher, demonstrates complete ignorance when she characterizes Zionism as “a belief that Jews only need a state for Jews.” This is not true today and has never been true. If that were the definition, Zionism would be a failure, because Israel does not fit that definition.

Rather, Zionism is the belief that Jews should have a state in their ancestral homeland, just as France is the homeland of the French.

Israel has citizens of many religions; approximately 80% of its citizens are Jewish. All its citizens have equal rights. This has always been the goal and the reality.

Dan Fendel

Kurtenbach’s writing
it’s worth reading

Re: “Practice shows why Purdy is undeniably the league’s MVP” (Page C1, December 18).

I once criticized sports columnist Dieter Kurtenbach because I didn’t agree with him.

I have now learned to appreciate his writings. He is a positive addition to the East Bay Times. He is honest, fair and an incredible writer.

I suggest people read his columns even if you are not a sports fan. You will enjoy his writing. It is superb.

Virginie Kamp

Hostage killings could
sparks of desertions

Subject: “Israeli troops accidentally shoot and kill 3 Israeli hostages” (page A4, December 16).

The accidental shooting of three Israeli hostages by the Israeli army demonstrates, probably better than anything else, the randomness of the IDF’s killing machine.

The best outcome of this war, towards a potential two-state solution and genuine peace, would be promoted by mutinies against the Israeli army and desertions from it, which could well develop following incidents like this -this.

Steve Koppman

Florida economically
better than California

East Bay Times readers have seen the spectacle of the Newsom-DeSantis “debate,” but may not be aware of more troubling, easily verified financial comparisons.

California Daily Newspapers

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