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Letters: Bad Takes | Silent witnesses

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Trump’s trial lasts
are all wrong

Subject: “Trump guilty of 34 counts” (page A1, May 31).

No, Donald, Judge Merchan is not corrupt. He is meticulous and honest. But you wouldn’t know how to recognize honesty.

No, Donald, the trial was not rigged. He followed prescribed procedures to pay attention to the actual facts and the actual requirements of the law. But you would not know the truth since you are spreading thick and widespread lies to cover up your crimes.

No, Donald, it wasn’t political retaliation, even though that’s what you continue to promise if you ever set foot in the White House again. This brings you to legal liability because even presidents are not above the law.

“Shame,” Donald, is a word you like to use when you don’t get what you want. The word suits you perfectly.

Bruce Joffe

The witness defense did not do so
call by volume

Subject: “Trump guilty of 34 counts” (page A1, May 31).

According to sworn testimony at the trial, three people were in the Lake Tahoe hotel room in July 2006: Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump and the bodyguard. Why didn’t the defense lawyers call Trump or the bodyguard to testify?

There were at least three people at the January 2017 meeting at Trump Towers – Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and Alan Weisselberg, who laid out on paper that day the plan to cover up the hush money Cohen had paid. Why didn’t the defense lawyers call Trump or Weisselberg to testify?

It seems very strange that Trump’s legal team did not call the three key witnesses who could have refuted Cohen’s claim.

I have served on a few juries before and this type of deafening silence from the defense team would certainly ring alarm bells in a juror’s mind.

Bob Fish

Sorry for Trump
could help the Democrats

Subject: “Trump guilty of 34 counts” (page A1, May 31).

Polling organization to ask undecided voters in battleground states if a pardon from New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for Donald Trump’s felony conviction would make it easier for them to vote for Joe Biden and others Democrats. If such grace could make a difference, it should be applied. I want Trump to be called to account for his actions as much as anyone, but more than that, I want to keep him out of the White House.

If a pardon is granted, all the appeals and ensuing drama end, but Trump will still be a criminal. Democrats would look merciful and statesmanlike to undecided voters. Conflicts over the belief that this is only an administrative and politically motivated offense are resolved. Sacrificing this verdict is a small price to pay to prevent a new Trump administration. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: the White House.

Margie Williams

Climate warriors must
re-elect Joe Biden

Re: “Trump guilty on 34 counts: Bay Area and state Democrats applaud outcome; The GOP slams him” (Page A1, May 31).

The same Republicans who deny President Biden’s election, Donald Trump’s felony convictions and reports of Russian election interference also say climate change is a hoax.

The same fossil fuel companies that fund climate change denial are the same ones from whom Trump asked for $1 billion to fund his re-election campaign.

Let’s stop playing politics with our planet alone. We have witnessed the harsh reality that climate change is real and has dire implications across the country and around the world.

Don’t let right-wing media influence your vote. Democrats trust climate scientists and have already passed fundamental legislation to combat global warming. We can’t stop now. Make sure you and your like-minded friends are ready to fight back by financially supporting and voting for President Biden and all Democratic candidates this November 5. Our planet cannot wait.

White Sand

Seniors are paid
more hearing aids

Re: “How to Get Older Americans to Start Wearing Hearing Aids” (page A6, May 30).

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