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Letters: Bad management of the police | Florida’s Future

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Poor management of Alameda
the problem of city cops

Subject: “Alameda approves $11.4 million payment” (page A1, December 16).

A Dec. 16 article in the East Bay Times announced that the city of Alameda had approved $11.4 million in compensation to the family of Mario Gonzales, who was killed by Alameda police officers.

In its statement, the city said the settlement “should not be construed as an admission of liability by any party.” I would say that there was indeed an acknowledgment of liability of $11.4 million.

Why does the city of Alameda continue to sweep its police problems and power-hungry clashes with Alamedans of color under the rug? And why is our city council defending it?

Robert Barde

Climate change means
Florida has no future

Subject: “Florida is economically better than California” (page A7, December 26).

Mike Heller, in his December 26 letter, overlooked a harsh reality: Florida has no future.

Due to climate change, much of Florida will be underwater by the end of the century.

Although it is still a long way off, Florida is already feeling the impact of climate change with increasing frequency and magnitude of destructive and deadly major hurricanes and storms such as Hurricane Ian which caused $112 billion in damage and a deluge in Fort Lauderdale with 24 inches of rain. in 10 hours.

Insurance companies are canceling policies or raising premiums by 40% this year, so insurance rates in Florida are 3.5 times the national average. This will only get worse and make Florida expensive and unlivable within a few decades.

David Kurrent

Rudy Giuliani is
a long time liar

The term “9/11 hero mayor” applied to Rudolph Giuliani is noteworthy. No more than a day or two after that horror, his city’s health department and U.S. air quality officials asked the mayor not to suggest people immediately return to Manhattan and protect their lungs . Many toxic chemicals were still swirling around and asbestos was thick in the air.

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