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LEGO Fortnite players demand new content to fix ‘boring’ endgame

Daniel Appleford

LEGO Fortnite players are begging developers to give them more content as they are running out of things to do less than a month into the game.

Fortnite brought together hundreds of thousands of people when LEGO Fortnite was released on December 7. Over a million players jumped into lobbies in the first few days, but over time people started to lose interest.

LEGO Fortnite numbers have dropped from almost a million per day to just a few hundred thousand. Even though some games would kill this number of players, the drop is significant.

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Now, users are taking to social media to complain about the game’s lack of content and what they should do once they reach “the end.”

LEGO Fortnite social media is flooding with requests for new content

It’s been weeks since LEGO Fortnite received an update. The last update detailed small changes to item stack size and weapon durability. However, since then, people have been calling on the developers to fix the game’s real problems.

“Any word on a content update/bug fix patch,” one user asked in a recent LEGO Fortnite post.

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Twitter isn’t the only platform to be bombarded with tough questions from fans, either. Several posts on Reddit have also started to appear addressing issues related to what to do after getting many villages to level 10.

“Hearing people ask, ‘What should I do when I reach the end of the game?’ » said one Reddit user. “I suggest building your megabase on the highest mountain in the game and giving it a grand staircase! The views here are superb.

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While building a dream base has been the goal of many, some have encountered building limitations, preventing them from fully playing the game. At the time of writing, LEGO Fortnite has not made any announced no updates or fixes for the game.

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