Lauren Boebert Underwent Surgery to Remove Blood Clot in Leg

  • Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert had surgery Tuesday for a blood clot in her leg.
  • Boebert felt “severe swelling in the upper part of his left leg” on Monday, his campaign team said.
  • Boebert’s medical problems come at a difficult time as she grapples with a tense re-election campaign.

Rep. Lauren Boebert underwent surgery Tuesday in Colorado for a blood clot in her leg, her campaign team announced.

Boebert’s campaign said in a statement Tuesday that Boebert was admitted to a Colorado hospital Monday “after experiencing severe swelling in her left upper leg.”

“After undergoing a CT scan, doctors discovered an acute blood clot and diagnosed him with May-Thurner syndrome, a rare disease that disrupts blood circulation,” the statement said.

The operation, which took place successfully on Tuesday morning, involved removing the clot and inserting a stent.

“After taking time to rest as recommended by doctors, she is expected to make a full recovery without any major concerns for her long-term health and without any hindrance to her ability to perform her duties as a congresswoman,” Boebert’s campaign says .

Boebert’s medical issues come amid a difficult time for her. The Colorado Republican said in December she would change congressional districts, moving from the state’s 3rd Congressional District to the more conservative 4th District.

But Boebert might have been disappointed if she had expected an easier contest in her new district. In January, the Denver Post reported that Boebert came in fifth among her fellow GOP candidates, based on a poll of just over 100 Republicans.

GOP Rep. Ken Buck, who represents Colorado’s 4th District, said last month he was resigning his seat. A special election to replace Buck is scheduled to take place on June 25.

Boebert said she would not run in the special election, although she did not like the fact that the election would have to take place on the same day as the Republican primary in which she will participate.

“This risks sowing confusion among voters, which is problematic,” says Boebert. said of the primary last month.

Boebert’s re-election campaign was also hampered by his family’s legal troubles.

Last month, Boebert announced she was dropping her restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson. Boebert had previously accused Jayson of threatening to harm her and attacking their teenage son Tyler during a fight on January 9.

Then, in February, the Rifle Department arrested Tyler Boebert “after a recent string of vehicle break-ins and property thefts” in the city.

Boebert, however, appears unfazed by the multiple challenges facing her re-election campaign.

“I look forward to a full recovery and returning to Congress to continue fighting for Colorado,” Boebert said in his campaign statement Tuesday.


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